Adobe CS6 Support

WoodWing announces support for Adobe Creative Suite 6

By using the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 in a powerful workflow environment based on WoodWing's multi-channel publishing system Enterprise, publishers will tap unprecedented efficiency for the publication of their content to multiple channels and devices.

WoodWing Software, a leading supplier of innovative workflow solutions for efficient multi-channel publishing, announced today that its flagship product Enterprise, including the Digital Publishing Tools, will soon support the new version 6 of Adobe´s Creative Suite.

"Adobe InDesign CS6 is the first major update of InDesign in the tablet publishing age, and users will benefit from new digital publishing fundamentals in the core of InDesign,” said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software. “These additions also allow us to further raise the level of efficiency in our Enterprise multi-channel publishing system. CS6 has been a major driver behind WoodWing's strategic DPS partnership with Adobe, and as a result, we can now take maximum advantage of this new Digital Publishing foundation."

Adobe Creative Suite 6 offers features such as Alternate Layout, Liquid Layout and Linked Content in InDesign CS6. Thanks to these innovations, publishers that need to create content for multiple devices with different screen sizes and ratios will save a considerable amount of time. Liquid Layout, for example, enables designers to define how the layout will behave when a complete page is being rescaled. Designers can choose whether all or only certain objects will rescale or not, whether their position is fixed or “fluid” in relation to the page edge, when additional columns will automatically be added to a text frame when rescaling, and more.

Early May, WoodWing will provide a pre-release version of Enterprise 8 and its content management application Content Station, both supporting the new Adobe CS6. Release of Enterprise 8 as well as CS6 support for WoodWing´s renowned productivity plug-ins for InDesign, such as Smart Styles, is planned for early summer.