Japanese Newspaper Mainichi taps WoodWing

Japanese Mainichi Newspaper launches daily mobile edition TAP-i, created with WoodWing

Available on both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, TAP-i provides news content from the Mainichi Newspaper, one of Japan's three largest newspapers, and its daily affiliate Sports Nippon Newspaper. With the virtual anchorwoman “i-chan”, TAP-i offers an innovative approach to presenting news in an app. On the iPhone and the iPad, the quality of images, videos and texts benefits from Apple´s Retina Display. Mainichi´s New Media Division creates the daily editions of TAP-i using the WoodWing Enterprise multi-channel publishing system and WoodWing´s Digital Publishing Tools.


Japanese Mainichi Newspaper launches daily mobile edition TAP-i,  created with WoodWingWoodWing Software, supplier of innovative workflow solutions for efficient multi-channel publishing, today announced that the Japanese daily newspaper Mainichi Newspaper is creating TAP-i, its daily edition for tablets and smartphones, using WoodWing´s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise, its content management application Content Station and WoodWing´s Digital Publishing Tools. The apps for the iPhone and the iPad are available in Apple´s AppStore, while TAP-i for Android devices can be downloaded from Google Play.

Combining content from Mainichi Newspaper and its daily affiliate Sports Nippon, TAP-i provides news on politics, economics, society, sports and entertainment optimized for the different screen sizes and ratios of tablets and smartphones. The new editions are ready for download every morning, and readers can also get them pushed to their newsstand.

The daily content is imported from Mainichi´s legacy editorial system for print to WoodWing Enterprise via WoodWing´s Smart Mover module. Smart Mover allows for the integration of WoodWing with other systems and enables publishers to easily automate workflow tasks. The digital editions are then enhanced with video, audio, hotspots and other interactive features using WoodWing´s Digital Publishing Tools for InDesign. Content Station enables the team to easily manage and preview the digital editions, to set the page order, add metadata and more. The TAP-i app offers integrated social media features, allowing readers to share the editorial content via Facebook and Twitter.


Virtual anchorwoman offers new approach to presenting news

The virtual news presenter “i-chan” – which is accompanied by an animated 3D avatar – is a completely new approach to presenting news in the app, leveraging the features of tablets and smartphones. i-chan utilizes a remarkably high-quality text-to-speech engine from Hitachi to create videos presenting the news from a virtual set and to embed recordings of the spoken text within many articles.

Mainichi has partnered with VPJ and WoodWing to produce market-leading news apps since photoJ was launched the day the original iPad shipped in Japan on May 28, 2010,” said Masaaki Kasuya, Group Manager, New Media Division, Mainichi Newspapers. “The theme of TAP-i is “Touch the News,” and we look forward to continuing leading this revolution.

The team at Mainichi´s New Media Division was supported by Tokyo-based Visual Processing Japan (VPJ), WoodWing´s Gold Authorized Solution Partner in Japan. “Integrating the WoodWing multi-channel publishing solution into the existing workflow at the major Japanese daily Mainichi Newspaper has been a stimulating challenge,” said Hiroaki Mimura, President at Visual Processing Japan. “Witnessing the tremendous success of TAP-i over the past week has been very gratifying for our entire team of engineers and our support team.

We are very pleased that we were able to contribute with our solutions to create such an extraordinary app,” said Remco Koster, Managing Director of WoodWing Asia Pacific. “TAP-i is an impressive example of the openness, flexibility and versatility that our editorial system Enterprise as well as our Digital Publishing Tools offer for efficient multi-channel and digital publishing.


About Mainichi Newspaper

The Mainichi Newspaper is one of Japan's three largest newspapers, published by The Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd, headquartered in Tokyo. With its 136-year history, the Mainichi is the oldest existing Japanese daily newspaper. Its affiliate, the Sports Nippon Newspaper, was founded in 1948 as the first daily sports newspaper in Japan. The Mainichi has 79 associated companies, including Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) and the Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS). The Mainichi is the only Japanese newspaper company to have won a Pulitzer Prize. In addition, the Mainichi was awarded with the Grand Prix award by The Japan Newspapers Association 21 times, making the Mainichi the most frequent winner of the distinguished prize since its inception in 1957.

About Visual Processing Japan

Visual Processing Japan (VPJ) is a system integrator established in 1994 to serve the new area of computing called “visual processing.” The company has a strong focus on information media, especially advertising, publishing, printing, broadcast, and video. From its earliest beginnings to today, from professionals to the average business user, VPJ has consistently supported digitalization of content production environments and system design. Headquartered in Tokyo, VPJ employs more than 80 people and runs offices in Okinawa and Osaka. More information can be found at www.vpj.co.jp/.