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What we do

We’re in the business of creating world-class content and information management solutions.

We believe there is more potential in your people. So let’s not hold them back by scattered content, outdated files, multiple versions, and inefficient workflows. Instead, let’s take charge of your content, and empower your team to focus on what really adds value.

You need peace of mind when it comes to your critical information, processes and documents - knowing that your content is centralized, safe, up-to-date, and distributed to exactly the relevant people at the right time.

Trust us to empower you with intuitive content solutions, ready to think ahead. Now your people can thrive and focus on what matters: whether that’s creativity, quality, security, speed to market - or all of these. WoodWing will empower your team, by taking charge of your content, together.


Our story

For more than 20 years, WoodWing has been an innovative and trusted partner to the world’s biggest publishing brands. Our flagship solutions - WoodWing Studio and WoodWing Assets - help publishers eradicate creative process inefficiencies so that they can focus their energy on strategy, storytelling and standing out from the competition.

In 2010 we became the first software solution to enable publishing to the new iPad, supporting Time Magazine. And in 2019, WoodWing assisted publishers in converting content to Apple News format at the Apple News+ launch. In 2021, the quality and security of our systems were recognized with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

We remain dedicated to solving challenges for publishers. But our audience has grown and diversified - and our portfolio has too. Today WoodWing has a suite of solutions to digitally transform publishing, content creation, and document management processes for every sector.

It’s our mission to liberate organisations from their content and information inefficiencies by aligning their people, processes and technology - to achieve optimal workflows, automation, access and control.

These range from our Digital Asset Management and multichannel publishing solutions - which make it faster and easier to create exceptional content at scale - to our newest solutions concerned with centralizing, securing, sharing and leveraging documents and processes internally.

We also offer professional services - from cloud-hosting and system management to workflow optimization and software integration consultancy, and outsourced publishing and design services.

Sustained global growth sees WoodWing employing 200+ staff worldwide, with headquarters in the Netherlands, offices in the US and Malaysia, commercial staff in LATAM, and a partner network that extends worldwide. Our approved partner network numbers 60+ and supports customers in 60+ countries. WoodWing is a private limited company (BV).

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WoodWing was officially founded with the first Adobe InDesign plugin.


The Guardian partners with InDesign and WoodWing.


Launch of Enterprise, our flagship content creation and publishing solution.


Launch in Asia-Pacific with the opening of our Kuala Lumpur office.


Launch of iPhone Reader app.


WoodWing became the first software solution to enable publishing to the new iPad, supporting Time Magazine.


WoodWing acquires Elvis, a Digital Asset Management solution for publishers and brands.


Launch of Inception, a digital-first content editor.


Launched stand-alone SaaS DAM product Swivle; Acquisition of Emerge in the USA, switching to a direct model of business.


WoodWing assists publishers in converting content to Apple News format at Apple News+ launch.


Launch of the next iterations in our solutions for Content Orchestration - WoodWing Assets and WoodWing Studio.


WoodWing welcomes Main Capital as a strategic investor.


Enterprise Content Management specialist Scienta joins forces with WoodWing.


WoodWing expands its Enterprise Information Management position through a strategic combination with Expansion.


WoodWing was awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

Our company values

Our company values help us build an innovative, collaborative atmosphere and have a little fun while we at work. We consciously iterate on our themes to ensure they stay relevant.


Work with us!

Our team is made up of more than 20 nationalities, across our global offices. While we have a mix of people, we have a common goal: to build the future of content production for the world’s leading publishers and brands.

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