3 reasons why AI-powered DAM stands out from the crowd

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Recently we hosted a webinar to introduce the AI-powered auto-tagging integration for our WoodWing Assets (previously known as Elvis DAM) digital asset management software.

As you might have noticed, there are quite a few DAM vendors that have integrated some form of auto-tagging based on Image Recognition. We wanted to do more than that: instead of simply plugging in an auto-tagging service, we have done extensive research and talked a lot with our customers when creating this feature.


Here’s 3 reasons why WoodWing Assets' AI feature stands out from the crowd:

1. You’re free in choosing your preferred AI service 

Publishers and Brands may have very diverse image content, ranging from products to food, travel, celebrities and more. There are various AI auto-tagging services that each have their own specialism in recognizing these images and providing tags for them. WoodWing Assets now supports Clarifai, Amazon Rekognition and Google Vision for image recognition. This means that as an Assets user, you can choose the service that works best with your content.


2. Auto-tag or on-demand: you control which assets get tagged

You might have a large archive of untagged assets or have new images coming in on a daily basis. Apart from giving you the freedom to decide which AI service you use, we also allow you to stay in control of which assets get tagged. You can have all new incoming images automatically tagged, saving valuable time in manually entering keywords. Alternatively, a user can select just some assets or a complete folder, and have these assets tagged on-demand. Apart from saving time, this also helps to manage the costs of your AI tagging service.


3. We tag your assets in any language you desire

Brands or agencies might operate in many countries, and publishers may have the desire to re-use or syndicate images in other countries as well. As part of our WoodWing Assets + AI integration, we can return your image recognition tags in any language you desire. This helps your users and syndication partners in other countries to search for the images in their own language.


Watch the recording of the AI-powered WoodWing Assets (former Elvis DAM) webinar


These are just a few reasons why WoodWing Assets is a cut above the rest. 

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Bastiaan Born, Business Development Manager Elvis DAM

Bastiaan co-created Elvis DAM - now WoodWing Assets, with a team of developers in 2008. As Business Development Manager, he works on technology partnerships, benefiting from his deep knowledge of the market and technology. Bastiaan likes to go jogging in the Vondelpark and jam on his guitar, but not at the same time.