Clocking in Efficiency & Speed to Market with DAM


In this blog post we take a look at the state of affairs in Asia Pacific in particular, and how a DAM system has helped customers overcome a number of challenges. Also, we invite you to join 2 upcoming events in this region: the free Henry Stewart DAM Asia Pacific event, and an upcoming webinar featuring Australian content agency Medium Rare. 

Business efficiency and speed to market have become crucial success factors for companies. However, many are not ready to deal with the steep increase in the use of digital assets such as images, video and more, which are needed to communicate with today’s demanding end users.

Choosing a modern, scalable and flexible digital asset management (DAM) solution can be one of the best business innovation and investment decisions to streamline your operations. A well-integrated DAM can take care of storage, retrieval and usage of your digital assets at any point in your business operations.

WoodWing Assets is a modern and highly scalable DAM solution, capable of handling any file type and size. While its extensive API offers the connectivity needed to make it an integrated part of your tech stack, it’s so easy to use, that end users can learn to work with it in under 30 minutes.

Speaking of connectivity, there is a new and exciting value-added service of WoodWing Assets, which is a legitimate service – approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China – to connect effortlessly with local partners in China. 


Connecting to China

For companies with associates or subsidiaries in China, sharing the same global DAM might be a challenge. However, with official support, WoodWing Assets offers a secure and legitimate connection with faster access to your global network. Speak to us if you are interested in designing the best digital architecture with WoodWing Assets, blazing global inroads to China or creating a content management strategy at: DAM Asia-Pacific | Henry Stewart. Registration is free for endusers.

Creative Agencies’ Winning Recipe

In Sydney, we caught up with Karla Courtney, Digital Director of Medium Rare Content Agency and her team’s winning approach in enabling major brands’ storytelling approach to connect with their customers. The key takeaway is the agency’s success by integrating WoodWing Assets’ DAM for image storage and sharing into their workflow.

One may not know what is the next platform du jour, but as Karla says, “ensuring that your assets are future proof, with right metadata that sits in a location that’s easy to share and partnership with a company that thinks about how to share these data to the platforms as quickly as they come up” is the most important thing.

Medium Rare is sharing their agency’s top tips on Content Orchestration in this on-demand webinar.

Future-proofing Your Business

Other success stories from one of our Asia-Pacific partners, Creative Folks, has come in the form of workflow integration for companies of diverse backgrounds but similar needs for automation. These are two successful stories where WoodWing Assets has saved the day for their clients:

  • Ed Leong, Chief Transformation Officer of Harrier National, had a problem. The established NSW-based automotive brand had grown to include New Zealand but had run into a brick wall to improve their Customer Experience. A total overhaul was needed to adapt Harrier National’s need for speed in business operations. As the company committed to a software and technology transformation, an integrated cross-system functionality platform powered by WoodWing Assets increased visibility of their contact information.
    Read the full case study.
  • Sally Parker, Chief Operations Officer of Wizard Pharmacy, had to conjure up on-the-shelf products for Wizard’s online Pharmacy across thirty-two (and counting) shopfronts of various types and sizes throughout WA. Her need to integrate data and images from hundreds of suppliers into a single catalogue promoting their stores was prescribed a tri-phase integration process. By integrating Salesforce with WoodWing Assets DAM, Wizard transformed its business operations by creating a single source of truth that enabled “products (to be) quickly and accurately promoted online at the same time it is placed on the shelf.”
    Read the full case study.

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