Color swatches & drop shadows


To improve efficiency we started by adding multiple smaller features to the editor: color swatches, drop shadows, underlines and strikethroughs. Learn more about what these cool features can offer you below!


Color swatches

We all have that one issue, when we want to use that one color twice and can’t find the right fit anymore. Therefore we added color swatches, you simply select a color and click ‘Add Swatch’, which will save the color for you. 
Note that: It’s a continuous list, so colors you don’t use that often will fall of automatically. The swatches are on an account level.


Drop shadows

With Inception we want you to be able to create beautiful content. Already by using CSS you can create beautiful stories. Now we’ve added the ability to create drop shadows without messing up the Look and Feel. Just select your text and define a drop shadow from the pop-over.


Underline and strikethrough

Last but not least, we’ve made it easier to add text decoration. We’ve extended the bold and italic options with strikethroughs and underlines.



Start decorating your stories!

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Back in 2010, Maarten started out as software engineer building Digital Magazine apps for the iPad. To better understand the clients’ exact needs and build the right products, he switched to product management. Maarten currently focuses on the digital aspects of publishing. In his spare time, Maarten is an avid fixed-gear biker.