Content Station 10 – update further increases efficiency


Last month we have added a range of very interesting new features to Content Station 10, further improving the efficiency and security of your publishing processes.


DAM integration: Adding files from Elvis to a Dossier

Your publishing process now gets even more efficient! Images can easily be added to the story you are working on by simple dragging them from our digital asset management system Elvis DAM to your dossier in Content Station. That makes working with images so easy! The video shows how it works:

Opening files for editing through check-out/check-in

When you need to edit files outside Content Station – think for example of Word documents or images – you can now check them out of Content Station. You can then edit them in their native applications. 

When you finished editing, you can check them back in simply by dropping them in the window listing all checked out files in Content Station. The dropped files are automatically mapped to the correct checked out file, even if the file name has slightly changed or the format has changed. 

For example, when you check out the file image.jpg, you can edit it in Photoshop (or any other application) and check it back in as image (1).psd – no problem for Content Station to keep track. Watch the video to see how it works:

Live update

Content Station 10 now automatically reflects the changes made by other users. When your colleagues change the properties of a file, create new versions or remove a file – you´ll see everything automatically and in real time. No guesses, no secrets in your publication process anymore. Please note that Live update is available when Content Station is used in combination with Enterprise Server 10.


Duplicate pages

Editorial and design teams often create multiple layout variations of a page. Good to know that you can now easily check for duplicate pages in your issue. Content Station shows the different variations in the Publication Overview and you can decide which to keep and which to delete.


Upcoming updates

Currently we are working on the following functionality you can expect the coming weeks:

  • Inbox
  • Assigning a character style to text in the text editor
Tom Pijsel, VP Product Management

Tom loves to solve complex software challenges. Working together with the WoodWing Studio and Assets product teams, he creates solutions that support publishers, agencies and marketers in their daily work. Tom loves to spend time outdoors with his family. And when he needs to clear his head to make room for new ideas, he’ll put on his running shoes.