Create your brands


When you work on multiple brands you probably like to organize your content per brand; so you can focus on the stories you are working on and are not bothered by stories part of other brands. That’s why we’ve added brand support.

Of course you can also use this for organizing different projects. Access rights didn’t slip our mind, you can assign users to specific brands, so they only have access to that brand. Lastly, we’ve separated everything, this means the stories, templates, look and feel, fonts, and channels are all defined per brand.



How to start creating brands?

Once you’ve set up some brands, you can switch between them under the account menu in the top right corner. Under the Brands menu item a list of all brands is visible. When selecting a brand it will switch to that brand and the next time you login it will remember the last brand you where in. The administrator user (the person who created the account), has access to all brands.

Keep on reading to learn how to setup brands or just skip the reading and get started!

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How to setup your brands?

Before you can use your brands you need to set them up. When logged in as the administrator you click on the user icon in the top right corner and select management console. You will now end up in the user section of the console, here you can create and assign brands to users. Just click on an e-mail address and the brand panel will appear. Here you can add, rename or delete brands. Be aware that if you delete a brand, all the content within the brand is lost! 


Maarten Fremouw, Product Manager - Enterprise

Back in 2010, Maarten started out as software engineer building Digital Magazine apps for the iPad. To better understand the clients’ exact needs and build the right products, he switched to product management. Maarten currently focuses on the digital aspects of publishing. In his spare time, Maarten is an avid fixed-gear biker.