Creating content for your print publications with Enterprise Aurora


Enterprise Aurora really is one system with endless possibilities. In the past we have shown how channel-neutral stories can be created in Enterprise Aurora’s Content Station, and then easily tweaked for different channels (digital and print) and reused on different brands. 

We also demonstrated how you can create stories for your print publication first in Content Station and then adjust and reuse these on your digital channels. 


But what if you only want to create stories for your print publications or print material? Well of course this is possible with Enterprise Aurora. Within Content Station is a print editor which allows for writing, editing, copy-fitting and real-time previewing of your print stories, along with many other cool features for speeding up the editorial process.


Creating content for print - an example of the workflow

The beauty of Aurora is the way it allows team members to work in parallel with each other. By having multiple people working on the same issue at the same time, editorial bottle-necks are reduced and the workflow is streamlined. 

If you want to create content for your print publication only, there are many places where you can start. However one typical way of working is to start in Adobe InDesign and access your pre-defined templates that are stored in Enterprise.

You open the template and save the layout into a Content Station dossier, which is where your article and images are already stored (by other members of your team). From InDesign you can simply drag and drop the article and images onto the layout. You do a little tweaking here and there to make sure your story looks just right, and then save your changes. 

Your Copy Editor receives a notification in their Content Station inbox that a story is ready for review. In the Content Station print editor (or in Adobe InCopy) they can adjust elements such as the titles and body text, and even adjust images. Changes are instantly displayed in the preview. 

Once the Copy Editor is happy with the story they can change the status and route the story to the next person, for example the Managing Editor, for the final review. 

Meanwhile, the Managing Editor can see how the entire issue is progressing by opening the publication overview. For example, if they see that a status is set to green this means that this particular story is ready to publish. If they want to make further edits they can simply open the story in the full-screen preview in Content Station and from there it can be directly opened in InDesign for final tweaks. 


Print-only workflow example, using Enterprise Aurora



This is just one of the many workflow schemes that we support with Enterprise Aurora


Curious to see how it works?

Watch the demonstration of how teams work together to bring their stories to life using Aurora’s Content Station with InDesign.


Who is Enterprise Aurora designed for?

Not only for content creators of print publications, Enterprise Aurora benefits an array of organizations and teams. From universities through to media companies, and book publishers to corporate brands; any team involved in content creation will benefit from Enterprise Aurora’s smart solutions. 

With workflow features, automation and team collaboration, Aurora is driving the future of content creation. WoodWing’s Enterprise Aurora is available via WoodWing’s authorized Solution Partner Network. For more information or a free demonstration, contact the WoodWing team.


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