Enterprise Aurora: Brand consistency is key


We’re continually adding functionality to Enterprise Aurora, and one of the latest additions includes changing your story to incorporate your brand’s look and feel.


Now at this point you may ask, ‘But why would I need to change the look and feel of the software in which I create my content?’ The answer is three-fold.

  1. If you create content for your brand’s mobile app, you want to know exactly what it is going to look like once published.
  2. When working in software you want to feel that you are creating content for a certain brand. This is especially important if you have multiple brands in your organisation, so not to get confused with which one you are working on.
  3. To ensure your team is maintaining your brand consistency.


Now I don’t need to tell you the importance of brand consistency. We all know the impact and value that it provides. (But just for your extra knowledge, a recent study of 200 organizations concluded that consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23% on average. Nice eh?)

However, maintaining it usually involves manually tweaking stories here and there, to make sure it looks ‘right’.

In Enterprise Aurora’s Content Station, your brand’s look and feel can now be set up, so brand style guidelines are adhered to every single time. 


Watch the one minute video demonstration to see how simple it is to do.

(Please note, when the video shows editing the CSS, this can be restricted for certain people so those with ‘limited CSS skills’ can’t go in and adjust your template).



If you missed it, Enterprise Aurora was developed for publishers that needed the most efficient way to create exceptional quality content and stories. Our customers can now reach audiences wherever they are, with tailored content, to increase audience engagement and grow their brands. 

(Watch an example of an Enterprise Aurora workflow)

If you would like to know more about Enterprise Aurora or request a free demonstration, contact us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.


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Leonie May, Product Marketing Manager - Enterprise

Leonie develops and implements go-to-market strategies for WoodWing products. Combining product and industry knowledge, she works between customers and the development team to ensure customer needs are met. When she is not at work you’ll find her running around Amsterdam.