File editing can be a lot easier than you think


Imagine working on a big project. A glossy magazine layout in InDesign or an important sales presentation in Keynote. You want to work without any interruptions or tedious tasks that will keep you from completing the assignment at hand. This includes losing time when searching, downloading and uploading digital assets – and keeping track of their versions, while doing the job.

With our latest Elvis DAM product feature we’ve kept this user behaviour in mind. Our efforts have gone to selecting and building product functionality we believe is important for an intuitive user experience. We thought about how users - you - behave when working with digital assets, as well as what tasks you frequently administer. One of them was quickly editing files in any desktop application you may have installed.


Why is it called the Elvis Creative Connector?

It’s called the Creative Connector because it does just that - it supports the creative process by connecting the various apps you use on your desktop with the files you store in Elvis DAM. With media companies like publishers, brands, agencies and corporations having growing software ecosystems, incorporating a smooth workflow in the creative process for increased productivity is important.


What does the Elvis Creative Connector do?

You don’t have to manually save digital files locally to your desktop anymore to be able to edit them. We’ve cut out the time it takes to explicitly download and upload digital assets back into your DAM solution, by developing this feature that automatically opens files in their default application. For example, a .psd file will directly open in Photoshop and a .docx file will open in Microsoft Word. Changes and edits to those files will automatically be saved back into the DAM system as a new version, when hitting the “Save” button in your desktop application.

Watch this < 17 minute webinar to see how easy working with files can be


Who would use the Elvis Creative Connector?

Anyone, really. Creatives like designers, picture editors and retouch artists might use it for work in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, whereas business development, sales and marketing teams might use it for work in any of the Microsoft Office Suite programs – Word, Excel, Powerpoint.


What digital assets file types are supported?

Elvis supports a wide array of digital asset file types. This includes image files, video files, audio files, document files, web files, XML files and archive files. For a full list of file types the Elvis Creative Connector applies to, you can read more in our Help Center

Managing your digital files is usually part of a bigger goal in your digital strategy. You can integrate Elvis DAM into your marketing technology stack by using our open API, bringing the management of your digital assets together with digital marketing delivery, your Web CMS, product information management, E-Commerce and Reporting.


How does it really work?

It’s a simple 4 step process that takes user’s natural behaviour when editing files into consideration. Here’s how:

  • Click on the file you want to edit
  • Click on ‘Check out’ (the file will automatically open in its native application)
  • Make your image or text edits and Save the image
  • Click on ‘Check in’ (the file will automatically be uploaded to Elvis as a new version).

Voilà! It’s as simple as that.


How do I install the Elvis Creative Connector?

The Elvis creative connector consists of two elements: The Elvis InDesign plugin and the Elvis Agent. 

  • Download the InDesign plugin and the Elvis Agent
  • Install the feature following the screen prompts 
  • Check that the InDesign plugin and the Elvis Agent are running properly
  • Change your preferences (Optional)

*Feel free to contact us for assistance - we’d be happy to help. 


To conclude, the Elvis Creative Connector ties your desktop applications to Elvis DAM for a smooth workflow experience. It reduces the amount of time spent on downloading and uploading assets, editing these assets and overall task management of assets - to name a few. For more on the Elvis Creative Connector, a personalized demo or informal chat - make sure to contact

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Bastiaan Born, Business Development Manager Elvis DAM

Bastiaan co-created Elvis DAM - now WoodWing Assets, with a team of developers in 2008. As Business Development Manager, he works on technology partnerships, benefiting from his deep knowledge of the market and technology. Bastiaan likes to go jogging in the Vondelpark and jam on his guitar, but not at the same time.