Highlights of 2016 from the WoodWing team

DAM, Multichannel, News

Week-by-week WoodWing staff have been working tirelessly to push our products further. Over the course of a year this adds up to a lot of features. To round off the year, we’ve asked WoodWingers around the world: what’s been your favourite or proudest feature of 2016?


Highlights of the year: Enterprise


highlights-of-the-year-tom-pijsel.jpgTom Pijsel - Product Manager 
I feel the development of Content Station 10 was our greatest achievement in 2016. With an attractive new look and improved usability, basing it on the latest HTML5 technology allows for access anywhere, anytime. This development has really secured Enterprise as a state of the art product.


highlights-of-the-year-rich-cassone.jpgRich Cassone - Presales Engineer, USA 

The addition of automated print workflow is a huge benefit to publishers. Editors can now work directly within the layout, creating beautiful stories without having to involve a designer.


highlights-of-the-year-arjan-bonte.jpgArjan Bonte - Channel Manager for Nordic Regions 
An important feature update this year was the redesign of the inbox in Content Station 10. The overall usability has been greatly improved as users now have a visual preview, can immediately see latest comments from collaborators and easily access the actions they need to perform.


highlights-of-the-year-john-cunningham.jpgJohn Cunningham - Country Manager, UK and Ireland 

The sticky notes are a small feature with a big impact. Being able to leave short messages to other collaborators greatly improves the communication when working on a story. This is a really nice, visual feature.


highlights-of-the-year-koen-geisink.jpgKoen Geisink - Software Engineer 
The ability to copy an image from Elvis to Enterprise and automatically create a workable variant, is something I am happy to see. Keeping the original image unaffected and the automatic addition of the new variant to Elvis is a great time-saver for the user.


highlights-of-the-year-remco-koster.jpgRemco Koster - Managing Director, WoodWing Asia Pacific 
I think the investments we have made in 2015 and especially 2016 have resulted in an important technology overhaul from Air technology to modern and slick HTML5 interfaces for Enterprise (Content Station 10) as well as Elvis. They now run beautifully on mobile devices, especially on tablets.


Highlights of the year: Elvis


highlights-of-the-year-jaap-van-blaaderen.jpgJaap Van Blaaderen - Software Integration Architect
I love the work we’ve done to improve the brand portal on Elvis. It’s so easy to skin it with your own brand assets and the interface is really clean and intuitive. I know brands really appreciate it and it makes for a much simpler, more visual user experience.


highlights-of-the-year-jeroen-sonnemans.jpgJeroen Sonnemans - SVP Global Sales 
Staying on top of the latest tech is critical to supporting our customers. As we shifted from flash, our fully functioning HTML5 pro client puts us in a great place to provide long-term solutions for our customers.


highlights-of-the-year-jeff-gapp.jpgJeff Gapp - Channel Evangelist, USA 
From speaking to customers I know that privacy is often one of the biggest concerns with assets - even within their own organizations. The fully customizable watermark feature has provided a lot of reassurance to content managers without resorting to hiding files.


highlights-of-the-year-john-fong.jpgJohn Fong - MD, Digital Services, APAC 
Integrations with other software makes Elvis all the more useful. We’ve done a huge amount of work across integrations with our own software and InDesign… but I’m really excited about the opportunities our SalesForce integration can provide.


highlights-of-the-year-nico-krijnen.jpgNico Krijnen - Development Manager for Elvis 
I think getting your files set up is often the biggest challenge with a DAM. Our latest bulk import feature helps speed up the process AND clean up your files as you go - it’s definitely one of my favourite features of the year.


Highlights of the year: Inception


highlights-of-the-year-maarten-fremouw.jpgMaarten Fremouw - Product Manager 
It has been an exciting year for Inception. The development of brand support was a much awaited addition to Inception from our customers. By selecting a particular brand, customers can now easily focus on particular stories and articles. It is a great feature that simplifies the whole digital creation process.


highlights-of-the-year-amelie-peters.jpgAmelie Peters - Interaction Designer 
A feature that took us some time to build, but is a nice addition to Inception, was the support for Apple News in Inception. Being able to publish on Apple News was a requirement communicated by customers, and we delivered this request in October.


highlights-of-the-year-rutger-stronks.jpgRutger Stronks - Director Global Marketing 
Anything that speeds up the process of content creation is essential, for example the addition of workflow. Specifically the ability to assign stories and receive notifications, is a significant step forward in the future of digital publishing.


highlights-of-the-year-ilse-hoekstra.jpgIlse Hoekstra - Director of Global Sales Operations 
To be able to view different versions of a story and compare changes to previous ones, was a favourite added feature of mine. Being able to restore to a previous version can be a huge time-saving advantage.


highlights-of-the-year-julio-lopez.jpgJulio Lopez - Media Specialist for LATAM 
To customise and reuse a style easily in Inception is a huge benefit to customers. It is very important for brands as they can easily reuse an already created look and feel. A great addition to the product.


highlights-of-the-year-scott-smith.jpgScott Smith - SVP WoodWing North America 
A great new feature that improved the efficiency for magazine publishers was the support for bulk publishing. By being able to prepare many stories and publish with one single button click, editorial teams can publish an entire issue all at once. This is a huge time saver for our customers.


Leonie May, Product Marketing Manager - Enterprise

Leonie develops and implements go-to-market strategies for WoodWing products. Combining product and industry knowledge, she works between customers and the development team to ensure customer needs are met. When she is not at work you’ll find her running around Amsterdam.