How Fratelli Carli brought order and consistency to content management

DAM, Multichannel

Today marketers face numerous challenges when choosing a suitable system to manage digital assets. Scalability, flexibility with integrating with other systems, and permissions and version management are just a few of the many considerations to choosing the right system. 

Fratelli Carli, an Italian olive oil company with 300 employees, is a case in point. The company sells through mail order, web, social media and brand stores. Numerous stakeholders are involved in the creation of its promotional material. As it grew, the volume of commercial content increased exponentially. 


The problem

However, instead of reusing existing assets, teams were often duplicating assets for their own production. This caused an unnecessarily large volume of assets in the system, pushed the scalability limits of its existing asset storage. 

The company needed a solution to manage customer communications in an integrated way - link marketing campaigns to planning, creation, production and finalization, with centralized resources. 

Fratelli Carli worked with GMDE, a WoodWing partner in Italy, to work on a solution.


WoodWing and GMDE

Together, Fratelli Carli and GMDE meticulously mapped the entire process, and then re-engineered it through WoodWing tools. The solution is used by around 40 users in ten different roles and departments, from marketing to production and web editors to external agencies.

The solution also involves two key integrations. The first is with OIM, a PIM solution proposed by GMDE to plan and distribute activities, manage automation and provide reporting on research, performance evaluation and delivery times. The second is with InDesign, which enables a smoother and more efficient graphic design workflow. 



This system is enabling Fratelli Carli to easily share its content internally and externally, and better plan its marketing operations in an integrated way. Furthermore, it can easily version and archive assets, and scale the system. 

We really appreciate the versioning feature, which makes it possible to view the entire creative path. The software refined the existing practices, offering a better experience and additional features.

- Fabio Amendolagine – Press center manager - Fratelli Carli


The Fratelli Carli store in Imperia, Italy


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