How to effectively collaborate and manage your marketing campaigns with WoodWing Assets and Wrike


There's been a constant shift in the DAM market in recent times. A single standing DAM, where you keep all digital files and tag them for the ease of search and use, is not gonna cut it anymore. DAM users are lifting the bar among DAM vendors, by increasing requirements based on their efforts to unify workflows and become even more productive. This is good news, as it keeps everybody on their toes in order to satisfy the needs and wants.

Just a quick reminder that if you are a marketer and still haven't started using a DAM, you might want to take a look at this informative read about how a DAM can solve your file management problems.

WoodWing Assets (formerly called Elvis DAM) is a digital asset management solution where new features are constantly being added. Besides this, the team behind it is working hard to connect WoodWing Assets with other software solutions used by our customer base. This enables our end users to connect their most valued digital assets to other tools they also frequently use.

Having this in mind, we are super enthusiastic to inform you that our latest integration connects our Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution and Wrike, a work management solution for marketers. This integration helps users to easily manage their marketing tasks and collaborate together on creating campaigns and marketing collateral. It is particularly useful for large and/or distributed teams, and organizations that regularly engage with agencies for content creation.

One of the use cases for this integration is to collaborate and manage marketing campaigns through WoodWing Assets and Wrike. The campaign management starts in Wrike using projects and tasks, while all the files connected to the campaign including layouts, images, and videos are stored in WoodWing Assets DAM. This way you can directly attach digital assets stored in WoodWing Assets and use Wrike's review and annotation tools to speed up the creative design process.

Below we show an example scenario of how an organization can use the integration to collaborate and manage marketing campaigns.

Imagine you are working in the marketing department of a big brand. For this example, we chose that brand to be a wine producer, where internal and external people need to collaborate.

First, you start by creating a new task in Wrike, with further instructions for the advertisement and the relevant product numbers in the specified field. Then you assign the task to an external graphic designer. Automatically you have the files attached as a link to WoodWing Assets DAM in the task.



Assigning a task in Wrike

Paul, the graphical designer receives an email with his new task, and he immediately starts working on it, remembering first to set the task status to "In Progress". He opens the WoodWing Assets link and accesses the images associated with the product numbers that were selected by you.


Selecting images in Elvis DAM (now called WoodWing Assets)

He then selects the images he thinks would fit best for the ad and starts creating and editing by opening the files in InDesign. After he creates several ads, he attaches the files to the task, by clicking the "Attach to Wrike Task" button. Paul then sets the task status to "Review" and awaits your feedback, because the task is assigned back to you for review.


Attaching images to a Wrike task

When you open the ad creatives, you provide Paul with additional feedback, but let's suppose that you are super happy with his work and accept the new ad creatives.


Images are attached in Wrike and ready for further use

And voila - you have collaborated with an external designer without the need to send necessary files via additional email messages or unsecured file sharing websites, and wondering if they received it or not. This means your creatives can concentrate all of their focus on producing magnificent work for you.

If you recognize that you are also burdened by using multiple tools and means to get your important files across, and you simply can't keep track of your ongoing tasks, then we recommend that you reach out to us for any further information on Digital Asset Management or for a personalized demo.

The Wrike integration is just one example of the extensive possibilities for integrating with our DAM solution. To find out more, feel free to contact the WoodWing team for a non-binding and friendly chat at

Magdalena Ivanova, Product Marketing Manager

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