It is here! Say hello to Enterprise Aurora...


The wait is over! Say hello to Enterprise Aurora: one system with endless possibilities. 


Now available for purchase, Enterprise Aurora is changing the competitive landscape of the media industry.

Due to a shift from producing newspapers and magazines to producing digital content pieces, workflows and processes have had to be adapted for media companies and corporate organizations involved in publishing. The tools they need have changed as content is required to arrive on digital channels first, however it also needs to be easily published in print publications.

Some of the largest global media companies have started to implement Aurora.

Aurora closes the gap between digital and print content creation, which is why some of the largest global media companies have started to implement the future-proof system. It supports a new way of working, allowing your content to be easily shared amongst teams and re-used on any channel.


How does Enterprise Aurora work?

With channel-neutral content creation, Aurora breaks down the silos between print and digital. A channel-neutral story is created in the Content Station Editor, with document structure automatically applied. This allows for publishing on digital channels such as Apple News, your mobile app or website. Variants of the story can be created, adapted and placed automatically onto a print layout, or published on other digital channels with one click of the button.


Want to see how?

Watch the complete demonstration of how to create a channel-neutral story using Enterprise Aurora’s Content Station Editor.



Who is Enterprise Aurora designed for?

Not only for content creators of print publications, Enterprise Aurora benefits an array of organizations and teams. From universities through to media companies, and book publishers to corporate brands; any team involved in content creation will benefit from Enterprise Aurora’s smart solutions. 

With workflow features, automation and team collaboration, Aurora is the future of content creation. WoodWing’s Enterprise Aurora is available via WoodWing’s authorized Solution Partner Network. For more information or a free demonstration, contact the friendly WoodWing team.


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