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We don’t go online anymore, we “live” online. Mostly via our mobile phones. For many of us, our phones are the first thing we pick up in the morning, and the last thing we put down before we go to bed. It’s what we turn to when we want to kill time, or use as a device to complete work tasks when not in front of a computer or laptop. Mobile is becoming increasingly important.  

That’s why we recently released the Elvis DAM mobile app. Now users have all their digital assets on hand; anytime, from anywhere in the world. With the app you can continue managing your digital assets from your computer to your mobile device when on-the-go. 

This includes managing all common file types from Adobe’s Photoshop and InDesign creative file types, right through to brand logos and presentations. Helping you eliminate bottlenecks by bringing you and your teams closer to workflow processes – all via your mobile devices.


What can the Elvis DAM mobile app do?

With the Elvis DAM mobile app you can continue managing your digital assets from your computer to your smartphone when on-the-go. It helps eliminate bottlenecks by helping you to:

  • Find digital assets
  • Share digital assets
  • Approve digital assets.


Why was a mobile app created for Elvis DAM? 

Our users wanted an easier way to manage digital assets when not close to a computer or tablet. By accessing Elvis DAM via the app they can easily find, share and approve digital assets which helps avoid bottlenecks in the creative processes. 

Who uses the Elvis DAM mobile app?

Publishers and media companies who publish to print and digital. 

Is there an extra cost involved?

The Elvis mobile app is available for free to current users of Elvis DAM.

What kind of assets can the Elvis DAM Mobile app manage?

It includes managing all common digital file types like stock library images, photos, design files, brand logos, presentations, spreadsheets, digital notes, documents and more.

Can anyone use the Elvis DAM mobile app? 

The Elvis Digital Asset Management (DAM) app is available to Elvis DAM standard and pro users. It requires Elvis DAM 6.7 or higher.

Where can I download the Elvis DAM Mobile App?

Current users of Elvis DAM can download the app at the following operating system stores:


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Main banner image by Bruno Gomiero on Unsplash

Madré Roothman, Digital Strategist - Guest blogger

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