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We are delighted to announce our solution for publishing to Apple News+, Apple’s subscription service for over 300 popular magazines, leading newspapers and digital publishers. This is an exciting opportunity for participating publishers to reach new audiences in a beautiful, convenient and curated experience within the Apple News app.



WoodWing is now supporting publishers for Apple News+


WoodWing Digital Services and Inception

WoodWing makes publishing to Apple News+ simple by handling all the details. Our Digital Services Group styles publishers’ content in Apple News Format (ANF) using Inception, our cloud-based WYSIWYG digital editor. Creators will use the same software to review and revise content before publication. Once the publishing workflow is complete, we publish the content directly to Apple News+. Our combination of services and technology work hand-in-hand to deliver the best possible experience for both content creators and their audience.

ANF is a proprietary JSON format used to create articles for Apple News+. An article created in this format can include text, images, audio, video, embedded social media, photo galleries, data tables, and interactive maps. It can be enhanced with animations, behaviors, and customized styles to create a unique look for a variety of content. Finished articles are processed and rendered in Apple News+.

WoodWing Inception provides granular control over all of ANF’s formatting options, such as typeface, styling, layout, and other interactive elements. We also give creators the power to repurpose: publishing the same content to other channels, including in another app, Facebook Stories and WordPress without needing to reformat or restyle, saving time and resources.

With ANF, you only have to author your content once. ANF automatically optimizes your articles for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, to give readers the best experience for their device.

We look forward to helping more publishers deliver their quality content within Apple News+. To get started,

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Tom Pijsel, VP Product Management

Tom loves to solve complex software challenges. Working together with the WoodWing Studio and Assets product teams, he creates solutions that support publishers, agencies and marketers in their daily work. Tom loves to spend time outdoors with his family. And when he needs to clear his head to make room for new ideas, he’ll put on his running shoes.