Simple workflow

With workflow, we’ve introduced a simple way to let external contributors create your content. 


How does it work?

Start with creating a new story or assign an existing story to your content creator, this can be either another Inception user or an external person. After assigning the story, this person will receive a message; here you can leave a comment with instructions.



Below you will find an example of the e-mail with the comment and a link to the story, which your content creator will receive.



After clicking the button, the person can start working on your content. In case you assigned the story to an external user, he or she will only have rights to add content to the assigned story, they can’t publish it nor have access to your other stories. When a story is assigned to another Inception user in your account it does not have these limitations.



Once your content creator is finished, he can send the story back for review. You will receive an e-mail and are able to read the comments he made. After putting it up for review the contributor cannot edit the story anymore.

Want more information?

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Note: assigning stories to a contributor or editing a story that is assigned to you is currently in Beta and free of charge. Please be aware that when these features are officially released, a license is required to use them.

Maarten Fremouw, Product Manager - Enterprise

Back in 2010, Maarten started out as software engineer building Digital Magazine apps for the iPad. To better understand the clients’ exact needs and build the right products, he switched to product management. Maarten currently focuses on the digital aspects of publishing. In his spare time, Maarten is an avid fixed-gear biker.