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Inception is all about creating beautiful responsive content! To make sure your content looks great on all digital channels, we’ve added the independent preview feature. Now you’re able to preview your story on your favourite devices at the same time with instant updates.


With our new preview feature you can have one or more independent preview windows open at the same time, to view your story on different devices. The previews will directly reflect the changes you made in your story.


Just click on the preview button in the top-right corner, select the preview device and then click on the "Open preview in new tab" icon.

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Maarten Fremouw, Product Manager - Enterprise

Back in 2010, Maarten started out as software engineer building Digital Magazine apps for the iPad. To better understand the clients’ exact needs and build the right products, he switched to product management. Maarten currently focuses on the digital aspects of publishing. In his spare time, Maarten is an avid fixed-gear biker.