Streamline your workflow: Sticky Notes in Content Station 10


The latest version of Content Station now adds support for Sticky Notes. At first glance a small feature, Sticky Notes are very useful to further streamline your workflow. And we’ve been working hard to make Sticky Notes as efficient and as comfortable as possible for you. Not to forget: They also look very attractive.

Sticky Notes can be used for leaving short messages to other users — including InDesign and InCopy users — for instance to indicate any changes or corrections that need to be made to the content of a page. 

Working with Sticky Notes in Content Station 10 is done when viewing a layout in preview mode. The preview mode can be opened for example from the search results, a Dossier, your Inbox or the Publication Overview.


The new Sticky Notes panel contains the messages of each of the notes and has many options to quickly process them, think for example of:

  • Quickly browse through the notes using the arrow buttons
  • When you select a note, Content Station automatically displays the page the note refers to.
  • Messages are shown as a conversation – that helps you to keep track
  • You can easily and quickly reply to a note
  • A status per Sticky Note gives you full overview at all times

Please note that you are also able to create and manage Sticky Notes using your iPad – drive your projects even when you are not at your desk.

For more information on Sticky Notes see Working with Sticky Notes on layouts in Content Station 10 on our Help Center.

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Tom Pijsel, VP Product Management

Tom loves to solve complex software challenges. Working together with the WoodWing Studio and Assets product teams, he creates solutions that support publishers, agencies and marketers in their daily work. Tom loves to spend time outdoors with his family. And when he needs to clear his head to make room for new ideas, he’ll put on his running shoes.