Updates to Improve Publishing Workflow


Content Station 10 (CS10) continues to meet publishers’ needs with new features that include opening articles in Adobe InCopy, adding notes to a dossier and an option to copy files.


Opening articles in InCopy

Increase productivity by configuring your CS10 to open articles in Adobe InCopy. Previously, articles would automatically open in the Print Editor of CS10, however it is now possible to add, into your workflow, the step of opening articles within InCopy and editing from there.


Dossier notes

A dossier is the main content storage tool in CS10 for editorial teams. Updates to the dossier feature allows users to add notes and messages via a chat box. Clearly indicate what the story is about, what the dossier should be used for or what content it should contain.



Thumbnails now include text

When viewing files in thumbnail mode, a text snippet now shows the first 250 characters. Providing visible information for the user is just another way CS10 reduces production time for fast publication.



Shortcut to Copy Files

Lastly, a simple but very useful update is the right-click shortcut for copying one or more files to another location.


Upcoming developments

This year CS10 users will receive access to the Content Station Digital Editor. Storytellers will be able to easily access consumers on multiple digital channels, and satisfy the demanding needs of today’s audience.

Content Station 10 (the most advanced version of Content Station yet) is built entirely in HTML and replaces the Adobe Flex based version. It has been optimized to provide an enhanced experience for content creators.

For more information regarding the development of the Content Station Digital Editor or article creation using Content Station Print Editor please get in touch.

Leonie May, Product Marketing Manager - Enterprise

Leonie develops and implements go-to-market strategies for WoodWing products. Combining product and industry knowledge, she works between customers and the development team to ensure customer needs are met. When she is not at work you’ll find her running around Amsterdam.