WoodWing and Wrike announce integrations for streamlined workflows and shorter time-to-market

DAM, Multichannel

WoodWing and Wrike have announced new integrations to help publishers and marketing teams speed up their storytelling processes and remove workflow inefficiencies. 

Wrike is a cloud-based collaboration and project management solution that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. The new integrations span two WoodWing products - WoodWing Studio, a content creation and workflow solution that enables you to publish to any channel, and WoodWing Assets, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. The integrations are designed to ensure smooth, transparent workflows, and mean that people managing approval processes and content creators will be able to leverage the best features of each solution. 


Wrike and WoodWing Studio 

Planning is an integral part of storytelling processes before content production kicks in. This may include a brief for your article, and/or how your article fits into your content strategy, calendar, or publication. 

This integration helps organizations begin story planning in Wrike, move seamlessly into the content production processes in WoodWing Studio, and track progress and sign off on each step. 

Here are the key steps:

  1. An editor or manager creates a project in Wrike. In the project, he/she can include key tasks (such as copy, images and so on), and milestones for the approval process. 
  2. Once this task is confirmed with a status change, it triggers the creation of a dossier in WoodWing Studio. A dossier forms the basis of creating the feature article, and is used for gathering all files related to the story.
  3. As each step is completed, the content creator can change status in Studio, which triggers a message to the editor in Wrike. The editor can then approve the step or leave feedback. 

A bidirectional sync between Wrike and WoodWing Studio means that no matter what role a person plays in the content creation process, he or she will always be able to work primarily in the environment in which they spend the most time - perfect for publishers and content teams with multiple stakeholders and complex approval processes. 


Wrike and WoodWing Assets

Where Wrike is built for task and project management, and WoodWing Studio to create content, manage workflows, and publish, WoodWing Assets is designed to manage large volumes of digital assets. 

“Around half of our 20,000 customers do not have a DAM in place - meaning they are at risk of wasting valuable time trying to share, find, and reuse images and other digital files.” - Aharon Weiner, VP Business Development, Wrike.

With this integration, a manager or senior marketer creates a task in Wrike, such as a request for a certain type of image for a campaign. Wrike notifies the designer of the new task and its requirements. Once the designer has an image, they can link it to Wrike with one click. Both the designer and manager can leave feedback or comment on the image within the system they are using - and their comments pop up in each system - saving the hassle of logging in and out to keep track of progress. 


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