DAM Fest Europe 2021

Join us for DAM Fest Europe - the European DAM Festival of the year - to connect with 500+ members of your Digital Asset Management community from across Europe and beyond. 

Among the highlights will be live keynotes, panels and case studies from organizations facing the challenge of managing their digital media assets. You will have the opportunity to join virtual roundtable discussions and share your experiences with fellow DAM festival-goers, and you will leave the event with more knowledge of how Digital Asset Management technology and workflows can help to elevate your brand.

Don't forget to join the panel 'DAM, please meet Commerce; Commerce, please meet DAM. You two need to get to know each other better', where Tom Pijsel, Sr. Product Manager of WoodWing, will discuss with the rest of the panelists about:   

  • The increasing content demand for e-commerce, in types and volume,  and the multiple channel needs; 
  • How DAM has evolved to meet needs and how it can integrate with a robust e-commerce ecosystem;
  • The current reality and drivers within enterprises driving the nexus of e-commerce, content and DAM.

WoodWing is looking forward to welcoming you to our virtual booth, where you will have the chance to discuss your thoughts and inquiries with our sales team.

November 4, 2021

10:00 AM CET

Virtual event

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