On-Demand Webinar: How can marketers benefit from the new digital publishing era?

Utilizing the latest technologies, Australia's favourite domestic and international airline Qantas relaunched its digital customer magazine. The award-winning app enabled Qantas:

  • to implement an all new digital publishing model
  • to broaden distribution
  • to increase user engagement
  • to maximize valuable content

Up until now, digital publishing has been rather static. A digital publication, once published, was set in stone. Among other things, this limited the opportunities for presenting customers with the latest content and offers.

Qantas utilized these new technologies to relaunch its digital customer magazine. With the award-winning app, Qantas was able to broaden distribution and improve ongoing user engagement, thereby maximizing its valuable content.

In this recording, Karla Courtney, Digital Director of Qantas´s agency Medium Rare, and Owen Greenwell of WoodWing's partner Content&Workflow, will explain the commercial and technical aspects of the creation of the highly successful app.

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