On-Demand Webinar: How retailers can master their ever-growing media libraries

Retailers everywhere are adjusting to the demands of modern customers. In doing so, media libraries are growing rapidly. Are you ready to take control of yours?

Gain retail insights with this webinar and learn: 

  • How to get a handle on your assets - storing, sharing & managing
  • Getting the most out of the investment you’ve made creating your files
  • Protecting and ensuring your files are used properly 

BONUS: You will also receive a 26-page summary of Ovum's retail study by email!

In this webinar you will learn how the largest Dutch e-tailer bol.com gets a grip of over 20 million assets and discover the results of an international retail study from consulting firm Ovum.    

Sue Clarke, Senior Analyst IT - Information Management at Ovum presents the results of their retail study based on over 250 telephone interviews with retailers in the UK and USA - aimed at discovering how retailers manage their growing libraries.  

Stijn Kieft, Business Analyst – Product & Content Innovations at bol.com. Stijn explains how the largest Dutch e-tailer has solved their content challenge and the additional benefits the company enjoys through the integration of Elvis DAM with other business systems.