On-Demand Webinar: The next generation of multichannel publishing

This year Content Station received a makeover. When customers upgraded to Enterprise’s Content Station 10 they received access to the new-look content management system with improved features that included:

  • An visual story editor to preview your changes instantly
  • A redesigned inbox to keep track of tasks and deadlines with direct links to edit articles
  • Sticky notes for easy editorial communication 
  • Access to Content Station anytime, anywhere via your iPad
On-demand webinar, taking a look at how WoodWing is building the next generation of content creation tools
On-demand webinar, taking a look at how WoodWing is building the next generation of content creation tools

Project Heracles

The content world is changing and continuously evolving. The majority of readers now consume their preferred content via mobile devices and content creators realize the need to adapt. The challenges that both publishers and marketers face include:

  • How to produce engaging content efficiently for both their print and digital channels
  • How to easily distribute content across multiple channels
  • How to re-use articles across multiple channels or at differing times

This led us to the decision to completely rethink the creation of content for print and the multitude of digital channels.


Bringing Print and Digital together

The solution from WoodWing was to design a workflow that combined both print and digital content creation. 
Using Content Station 10 with Inception technology, the visual content editor is based on: 

  • A content first approach to easily tweak articles for multiple channels
  • Producing variants of the one article for use across both print and digital platforms
  • Taking into account the copy fit requirements of print compared to the online requirements for digital (e.g. SEO) 
  • Effortlessly re-using content when and where appropriate (e.g. for seasonal or festive articles)


Multichannel Publishing

The multichannel publishing solution combines the content creation workflow with distribution capabilities. Publishers will have the capability to:

  • Publish print articles to their website, app or digital channels (Facebook, Apple News, Adobe AEM)
  • Easily view and review both their print and digital articles
  • Tweak and re-publish articles on their selected channels


The next step

Aiming for an initial product release in quarter two of 2017, publishers can already start using Content Station 10 and Inception today.

As Project Heracles develops, key milestones will be communicated to all parties via:

For any further questions or if you would like to know more, please contact us.