On-Demand Webinar: How to create localized, on-brand marketing materials more efficiently

In only 20 minutes, discover the most efficient way to create local marketing materials whilst guaranteeing global brand consistency.

See for yourself how the combined power of WoodWing Elvis DAM and 2imagine can save your marketing team time, money and frustration by cutting down lengthy approval processes and costly, repetitive tasks for designers. All without ever sacrificing brand consistency.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to enable local marketing teams to create their own marketing materials without the need for designers
  • How the combined solution ensures on-brand communications every time and significantly reduces approval processes.
  • Brief product explanation, demonstration and Q&As
Watch the webinar
Watch the webinar

You can also download the slides of the webinar presentation.

One system to create, find and store all your brand assets with WoodWing’s Elvis DAM

Save time and avoid leaving room for error by quickly creating and storing all of your approved brand assets in Elvis DAM. You can easily control user access so that only approved, relevant files are available to local teams.

Efficiently collaborate on global-to-local marketing materials with 2imagine

2imagine allows brand managers to create rule-based templates that work in-browser - so teams can create on-brand materials without the need for designers. With in-built workflow solutions, these can then easily be sent back to teams for swift final approval. 

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