Achieving Digital Transformation by Putting Content First

Exclusive Afternoon Meetup with WoodWing & Media Systems


Featuring insights from
Andrew Derrer
- Independent Advisor -

Thursday, April 26th, 2018. London.

How can you achieve Digital Transformation and realise tangible results, by putting Content at the heart of your business.

MSL and WoodWing are proud to host an enlightening closed-door session for those who are looking to drive the success of their business by process improvement, centred around content.

Preparing for a digital future is no easy task. Key to success is ensuring that all current processes and systems are analysed and then reshaped towards your strategic goals, with consolidated content creation becoming the hub of your operation. One team, not disparate groups of people each only concerned about their own needs.

It means developing capabilities in which a company’s activities, people, culture, and structure are in sync and aligned toward a set of organisational goals. Most companies, however, are constrained by a lack of resources, a lack of talent, and the pull of short-term priorities.

As a result, digital initiatives too often take the form of individual projects, or are limited to activities within a given division, function, or channel.

So where do you start?

Come and join us for a gathering in which Andrew Derrer will reveal some of the secrets and the approach he took in delivering a major transformation at an iconic international Publishing house

From shaping the business vision with the Board, selecting the software elements and integrators needed to deliver fundamental business changes, and bringing the key business stakeholders along with him through to delivery and beyond, Andrew will take us on the journey that he and his team have travelled.

We’ll cover these topics, and more:

  • Can a Company successfully deliver and use a Content Operating Model that is just as simple as A-B-C
  • What are the 3 things that successfully drive Content’s journey from idea to publish and back again
  • What are  the seven pillars that are needed to support this journey
  • How do you create these 7 pillars and what are the benefits of them

We have limited space, so please register today.

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What’s Happening? 

3 p.m.      Registration and networking
3.30 p.m.   Presentation from Andrew and Paul
4.15 p.m.   Q&A, open discussion and networking
4.30 p.m.   Drinks and continue networking
6.00 p.m.   Event concludes


Thursday, April 26th, 2018



Eight Bank, 1 Change Alley
London EC3V 3ND


Who’s Speaking? 


woodwing-event-london-andrew-derrer.jpgAndrew Derrer - Independent Advisor
Andrew Derrer has spent 22 years in Senior Executive roles working in Media, Financial Services, Retail and Technology industries. He specializes in achieving business transformations and accelerating profitable change. He has been leading Media Transformations for the last 8 years in major global media companies.


media-systems-limited-woodwing-partner-uk.pngPaul Driscoll and Andy Jones, Media Systems
Paul and Andy will explain how they have helped publishers reshape their businesses and talk about their shared experiences with Andrew and his team. Both Paul and Andy have a long pedigree within the publishing industry, working for newspapers and magazines prior to joining Media Systems.