Webinar: How to produce next-level digital content

Webinar - How to produce next-level digital content

Create content once and publish to your app, (static) website, and any other digital channel


There are many digital content creation tools on the market today. And as digital channels proliferate, managing your content production becomes more and more complex. 

But what if you could future proof your digital content production with a solution that enables you to create content once and publish to all your online channels?

If you are in the editorial, marketing, or IT department in a publisher or large brand, this webinar will show you how you can:

  • Drastically simplify your digital content production with channel-neutral content. 
  • Publish to existing and emerging digital channels, including static websites, in-app, and whatever is next. 
  • A demonstration in the WoodWing solution including a sneak preview of new and upcoming features. 

The webinar is coming up on April 4. Registration is available at the link. We hope to see you there!


DATE: April 4, 2019

TIME: 10 AM + 5:30 PM CEST







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Tom Pijsel, Senior Product Manager

Tom Pijsel, Senior Product Manager Portrait ImageTom loves to solve complex software challenges. Working together with the Enterprise and Elvis product teams, he creates solutions that support publishers, agencies and marketers in their daily work.



Philip Hendrickx, Product Marketing Manager Enterprise

Philip Hendrickx, Product Manager Manager WoodWing Enterprise, Portrait Image Philip is a seasoned product marketer with a deep passion for technology and branding. At WoodWing he is the Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise - our multichannel content creation solution.


Credits: photo by Gabriel Izgi on Unsplash