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Business and
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Give your members more. Scale up your membership content with content orchestration for business and industry associations

Creating must-have membership content isn’t easy

Members of professional associations want exclusive content they can’t get anywhere else. But creating must-have membership content can be challenging.

  • Project complexity and lack of transparency
  • Multiple internal and external contributors
  • Managing amends by email and FTP
  • Finding photos and videos you need, fast
  • Disconnected tools for different channels
  • Designing separately for print, web and mobile

It all adds up to more time and money producing content than you’d planned. And that means less to spend on other activities that bring value to your members. But there is a better way...


Success stories


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Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft

How a publisher managed to never lose assets again.


Managing efficiently marketing content for thirteen brands.

Introducing Content Orchestration

The most efficient way for business and industry associations to manage content


The world’s largest publishers have revolutionized their content creation processes using content orchestration. Now business and industry associations, professional organizations and not-for-profits can do the same - with WoodWing software.

Content orchestration is when people and tools are optimized to work seamlessly together. It helps busy teams to plan, create, manage and distribute content - profitably and effectively.

So - whether you’re creating exclusive web content, membership magazines, or industry reports - you can create value-adding membership content in a fraction of the time.

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Benefits for membership organizations


Master multichannel publishing

Create, edit and approve copy for every channel, then send it to production all in the same system.


Design in half the time

Auto-populated design templates, built-in editing tools, and seamless integration with Adobe InDesign.


Collaborate effortlessly

See all stakeholder amends instantly - with on-page multi-stakeholder mark-up - and accept amends in a click.


Progress projects easily

Streamline production with workflows that prompt stakeholders to check, amend and sign off content.


Produce more quality content

Provide more must-have exclusive content - boost benefits for your members without extra effort.

Max your member content

Maximize your member benefits without maxing out your resources. Create more exclusive content for your membership organization than ever before. All without increasing the time or cost it takes to create.

  • Streamline systems for lightning-fast workflows
  • Eradicate time-consuming manual tasks with automations
  • Automate design for print and digital channels



Minimize time and cost

Maximize your margins by cutting content creation costs. Higher productivity and efficiency makes your money go further - so you have more left to invest in serving your members.

  • Maximize efficiency with automated processes and streamlined systems
  • Produce more content without increasing time, cost or staff
  • Or create the same content faster and with fewer resources

Make it must-have

Create content that your professional association members are happy to pay for. Collaborate effortlessly with external subject matter experts and freelance creators to publish higher quality content.

  • Work together in a single streamlined system - available online 24/7
  • Automatic workflows prompt contributors when they’re needed
  • Review and accept amends instantly for faster time-to-market


Download and discuss

Download our at-a-glance guide to content orchestration for professional organizations. Share it with your board and start a conversation about the benefits for your business or industry association.

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Three simple steps - with support all the way

Step 1

Step 1

Contact one of our global network of WoodWing partners to learn how our software can optimize your workflow.

Step 2

Step 2

Review your current processes with their expert help and redesign new systems around WoodWing’s proven software.

Step 3

Step 3

Trust them with the implementation and get ready to revolutionize your content production processes.


Our services

  • Two complimentary software solutions, trusted by creative and marketing agencies worldwide
  • Worldwide network of implementation partners to support you from day one
  • 24/7 support that speaks your language

WoodWing products


WoodWing Studio

Our editorial workflow solution empowers publishers, content agencies, and marketing teams of all sizes to create and publish content for digital and print channels. Integrates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign, InCopy and more.

(Note: WoodWing Studio was formerly known as Enterprise Aurora)

Learn more about Studio >


WoodWing Assets

Our digital asset management solution creates a ‘single source of truth’ for images, audio, video and more, making it easier for teams to find, share and use valuable assets in your creative projects.

(Note: WoodWing Assets was formerly known as Elvis DAM)

Learn more about Assets >

Work with all your favorite apps

WoodWing products integrate easily with the apps you already use and love

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Business and industry associations:
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