Content orchestration for CPG and Retail


CPG & Retailers

Discover how content orchestration accelerates time-to-market and controls content chaos in CPG and retail.

Marketing isn’t easy in CPG and retail...

Consumer packaged goods and retail content needs to get to market fast, across multiple channels and different regions. But with products subject to rapid change, it can be challenging...

  • Publishing to additional channels - with no extra resources
  • Optimizing content for multiple platforms and technical specifications
  • Managing numerous editorial and production workflows
  • Keeping changing product specifications, imagery, and offers up to date
  • Receiving and distributing promotional content with third-parties

Successful global retailers and consumer packaged goods brands know content orchestration is the answer. And they harness WoodWing’s software, innovation, and expertise to achieve it.


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Introducing Content Orchestration, the most efficient way to manage CPG and retail marketing

Less confusion and more control of your marketing workflows


Content orchestration is when people and tools are optimized to work seamlessly together. It helps busy teams to plan, create, manage and distribute content - profitably and effectively.

For CPG and retail, it can mean any number of marketing process improvements - from integrating DAM and PIM to keep channels effortlessly in sync, to automating content production for faster time-to-market.

Some of the largest global CPG and retail brands use WoodWing software to orchestrate and power their content production.

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Benefits of content orchestration for CPG and retail


Futureproof your processes

Ditch siloed systems and on-premise solutions - be ready for anything with a streamlined cloud-based end-to-end workflow.


Make omnichannel easy

Collaborate, create, edit and approve content for every channel - print, digital, and ecommerce - all in a single system.


Create catalogs effortlessly

Half the time it takes to create catalogs thanks to automated data flows into pre-designed templates and best in class InDesign integration.


Do more with less

Increase productivity and profitability with AI, automation, and synced systems - so you can cut costs but never corners.


Create quality... and quantity

Free your staff from tedious tasks and onerous admin - so they’ve got more time for creativity, campaign planning, and execution

Swap siloed for streamlined

Too many CPG and retail brands are trapped with siloed staff and systems. A print team. A web team. Duplicated effort and uncoordinated processes. Ditch the old processes holding you back and deliver an omnichannel customer experience.

  • Consolidate print, digital, and ecommerce staff into a single creative team
  • Connect to your PIM to effortlessly sync product data, information, and assets
  • Create an integrated software stack for streamlined workflows and automation



Publish fast, sell faster

The faster you get to market, the faster you can sell. Don’t let slow systems cost you sales opportunities and revenue — cut cost-of-delay with significantly faster marketing processes.

  • Reduce friction and save time on design with our best-in-class InDesign integration
  • Accelerate production with pre-designed templates and automated data draw-through
  • Automatically convert images for different technical specifications for print and digital

Manage millions of assets effortlessly

Whether you’re a retailer receiving millions of assets from suppliers, or a CPG brand producing and distributing collateral for global distributors, you need a safe and speedy way to share assets. WoodWing’s powerful DAM is secure and lightning-fast.

  • Share marketing collateral with global distributors instantly online - including China
  • Receive millions of assets and easily deploy them to ecommerce sites and apps
  • Transform asset transparency and discoverability to reduce duplicated effort and assets


Faster go-to-market for CPG with content orchestration

If you’re overstretched by the content and assets you need to manage, we can help. Discover how content orchestration makes CPG marketing easier, faster and more efficient.

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Three simple steps - with support all the way

Step 1

Step 1

Contact one of our global network of WoodWing partners to learn how our software can optimize your workflow.

Step 2

Step 2

Review your current processes with their expert help and redesign new systems around WoodWing’s proven software.

Step 3

Step 3

Trust them with the implementation and get ready to revolutionize your content production processes.


Our services

  • Two complimentary software solutions, trusted by retailers and CPG manufacturers worldwide
  • Worldwide network of implementation partners to support you from day one
  • 24/7 support that speaks your language

WoodWing products


WoodWing Studio

Our editorial workflow solution empowers publishers, content agencies, and marketing teams of all sizes to create and publish content for digital and print channels. Integrates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign, InCopy and more.

(Note: WoodWing Studio was formerly known as Enterprise Aurora)

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WoodWing Assets

Our digital asset management solution creates a ‘single source of truth’ for images, audio, video and more, making it easier for teams to find, share and use valuable assets in your creative projects.

(Note: WoodWing Assets was formerly known as Elvis DAM)

Learn more about Assets >

Work with all your favorite apps

WoodWing products integrate easily with the apps you already use and love

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Convert anywhere with omnichannel for CPG and retail

Convert consumers wherever they shop, with omnichannel content for retail and CPG

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