Educational Publishing


Educational Publishing

Meet the growing demand for digital e-learning materials and seize your share of a $10.5b market.


Seize your share of S10.5 billion

The digital educational publishing market is predicted to grow to $10.5 billion by 2026. Are you ready to seize the opportunity?



  • Meet institutional expectations of materials in print and digital formats
  • Continue to serve traditional audiences for printed textbooks and materials
  • Satisfy tech-savvy or price-sensitive scholars seeking digital resources
  • Create online material that supplements printed textbooks
  • Develop fully digital products and subscriptions
  • Partner with institutions to create bespoke courseware integrations
  • Add value with app content, e-learning and digital assessment tools



  • Redesigning traditionally print-first workflows that center around textbook production
  • Merging siloed print and digital teams to get hybrid content to market fast
  • Creating more content with the same number of staff - or fewer 
  • Managing increasingly complex editorial collaboration
  • Offsetting rising supply chain costs through operational efficiency, to protect margins and price
  • Organizing growing numbers of digital assets and using them correctly and compliantly

Overcome the challenges and seize your share with Woodwing. Discover how you can digitally diversify your portfolio in the most efficient way possible - for faster time to market, cost efficiency, and quality.

Educational publishing success stories

Libros y Libros

How the Colombian educational publisher streamlined processes to reduce textbook production time by 90%.

Porto Editora

How the Portuguese textbook publisher innovated and integrated digital publishing into their workflows.

Mitsumura Publishing Co.

How the Japanese school book publisher streamlined editorial workflows to make time to refocus on quality.

Introducing Content Orchestration for educational publishers

The most efficient way to manage multichannel content


Some of the world’s largest publishers have revitalized their fortunes using WoodWing software for content orchestration.

Content orchestration is when people and tools are optimized to work seamlessly together. It helps busy teams to plan, create, manage and distribute content - profitably and effectively.

For educational publishers it can mean any number of process improvements. 

  • Streamlining collaboration between editors, academics, and production in a single system
  • Merging textbook and digital teams into a multichannel publishing workflow
  • Freeing up time for creativity by automating previously manual tasks

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Publish faster to multiple platforms


Streamline systems

Create, edit and approve copy for every channel, then send it to production all in the same system.


Design in half the time

Auto-populated design templates, built-in editing tools, and seamless integration with Adobe InDesign.


Master multichannel

Reduce time, effort, and resources needed for content creation for print and digital channels.


Cut costs, not corners

Mundane and repetitive tasks are a thing of the past thanks to WoodWing Studio’s process automation.


Increase quality

More efficient workflows save time and money, freeing staff to focus on creativity and quality control.

Create once, publish everywhere

Discover the secret of successful educational publishers - channel-neutral content creation. Ditch ‘textbook-first’ thinking that creates slower, sequential workflows. Create channel-neutral content that’s ready for publication to any and all channels simultaneously.

  • Replace sequential, print-first processes to bring digital content to market faster
  • Prepare content once and simultaneously publish to print and digital platforms
  • Save time with extensive design automation and Adobe integrations



Turn siloed into streamlined

Have you fallen into the trap of adding a new team every time a new channel comes along? A print team. A web team. A digital team. These siloed staff and systems mean disconnection, duplication and delays. Now’s the time to design fit-for-purpose workflows for your future direction.

  • Consolidate print, web and digital staff into a single editorial team
  • Design the optimum workflow for speed, quality, and collaboration
  • Eradicate unnecessary manual tasks with workflow automation

Add value for institutions

Institutions want added value in the form of online content, digital subscriptions, apps, assessment tools, even integrations with their courseware. Diversify your offer to include digital content that inspires higher engagement and student success - without overwhelming your team.

  • Make your systems more efficient to free up time for additional content creation
  • Do more with your existing resources - scale your business instead of growing it
  • Outsource product development to launch new products quickly and confidently


The Educational Publishers’ Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Learn the secret to efficiently and profitably meeting the demand for digital and multichannel content.

Show me my roadmap


Three simple steps - with support all the way

Step 1

Step 1

Contact one of our global network of WoodWing partners to learn how our software can optimize your workflow.

Step 2

Step 2

Review your current processes with their expert help and redesign new systems around WoodWing’s proven software.

Step 3

Step 3

Trust them with the implementation and get ready to revolutionize your content production processes.


Our services

  • Two complimentary software solutions, trusted by publishers worldwide
  • Worldwide network of implementation partners to support you from day one
  • 24/7 support that speaks your language

WoodWing products


WoodWing Studio

Our editorial workflow solution empowers publishers, content agencies, and marketing teams of all sizes to create and publish content for digital and print channels. Integrates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign, InCopy and more.

(Note: WoodWing Studio was formerly known as Enterprise Aurora)

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WoodWing Assets

Our digital asset management solution creates a ‘single source of truth’ for images, audio, video and more, making it easier for teams to find, share and use valuable assets in your creative projects.

(Note: WoodWing Assets was formerly known as Elvis DAM)

Learn more about Assets >

Work with all your favorite apps

WoodWing products integrate easily with the apps you already use and love

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Streamline, digitize, diversify, and grow your educational publishing business


The Educational Publishers’ Roadmap to Digital Transformation

Seize your share of the digital education content market with WoodWing

Trust your digital transformation to WoodWing. Global publishers manage thousands of titles a year with WoodWing’s expert support. Share your challenges and we’ll show you how to rise to them.

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