Content orchestration for Manufacturing



Create marketing collateral effortlessly and empower distributors with instant access to brand assets.

Marketing isn’t easy in manufacturing…

You need to create accurate marketing collateral - from packaging and Point of Sale, to website and app content - and provide your distribution network with fast access to brand assets. But it’s increasingly difficult to manage.

  • Burgeoning channels requiring digital content - website, social, apps, etc
  • Print materials to produce - like packaging, inserts, and POS materials
  • Diverse routes to market to manage - distributors, retailers, dealer networks
  • Direct-to-Consumer opportunities to harness and grow
  • Multiple language and regulatory requirements in different regions
  • More products and multiple lifecycles to manage

Left to chance or legacy processes, manufacturing marketing can spiral out of control - incurring unnecessary costs and delays to market.

But there is a better way.


Success stories

Coca-Cola European Partners

CCEP improves operational efficiency and worldwide dissemination of distributor materials.

Cipla South Africa

Pharma brand Cipla saves 98% on production time for packaging and product information.


Bavaria improves global brand management using DAM for manufacturing.

Introducing Content Orchestration for manufacturing marketing

For higher efficiency, productivity and control in your marketing workflows


Content orchestration is when your people and tools are optimized to work seamlessly together. It helps busy teams to plan, create, manage and distribute content more profitably and effectively.

For overstretched manufacturers, it can mean any number of marketing process improvements - from integrating DAM and PIM to keep channels effortlessly in sync, to automating content production for faster time-to-market.

Some of the largest global manufacturing brands use WoodWing software to orchestrate and power their content production.

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Benefits of content orchestration for Manufacturing


Cut costs

Reclaim control of your content processes to reduce confusion, costs, duplication and delays to market.


Master multichannel

Create content for every channel in a single system - extending your reach without increasing resources.


Translate and localize

Manage easily translation of brand assets into multiple languages for your global distribution network.


Scale systems

Achieve ambitious growth goals by scaling your marketing and content creation using tranformative tech.


Futureproof processes

Swap siloed systems and on-prem solutions for an agile, cloud-based, end-to-end workflow.


Automate to accelerate

Increase productivity with AI, automation, and synced systems - so you cut costs but never corners.

Manage millions of assets effortlessly

Centralize all of your digital assets for fast access that accelerates collateral production. One place to receive, store, search, surface and share images, videos, PDFs, artwork, and more.

  • Add meaningful metadata that makes every asset instantly discoverable - like SKUs
  • Reduce the cost and confusion of lost assets, unclear version history, and permission
  • Share marketing collateral with global distributors instantly online - including China

Learn more about Digital Asset Management for Manufacturing



Reduce costs, increase speed

Time is money. Save both with a single streamlined workflow into every marketing channel. Reduce the time and resources needed for multichannel content creation.

  • Consolidate print, digital, and eCommerce staff into a single creative team
  • Connect to your PIM to effortlessly sync product data, information, and assets
  • Create an integrated software stack for streamlined workflows and automation

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Boost brand, keep control

Your distribution network is the lifeblood of your business. Equip them with everything they need to promote your products and grow your revenue.

  • Instant self-service access to branded assets from anywhere in the world
  • Easy management and distribution of your multi-language assets
  • Embargos to protect brand assets until ready for release

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Get inspired: on-brand, at-scale marketing for manufacturers

Read insights and inspiration from global manufacturers already succeeding with content orchestration. Download Content Orchestration for Manufacturers: The Secret to Being On-Brand, At-Scale, Everywhere now.

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Step 1

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

Step 3

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  • Two complimentary software solutions, trusted by manufacturers worldwide
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WoodWing products


WoodWing Studio

Our editorial workflow solution empowers publishers, content agencies, and marketing teams of all sizes to create and publish content for digital and print channels. Integrates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign, InCopy and more.

(Note: WoodWing Studio was formerly known as Enterprise Aurora)

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WoodWing Assets

Our digital asset management solution creates a ‘single source of truth’ for images, audio, video and more, making it easier for teams to find, share and use valuable assets in your creative projects.

(Note: WoodWing Assets was formerly known as Elvis DAM)

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