Building and Managing Scalable DAM Solutions

Unlike many other software products, DAM systems must be continually adapted to growing demands. This is not only due to the growing number of users and files – even the once defined DAM strategy will change over time, such as when automated workflows have to be implemented or the DAM system needs to be extended to new regions, target groups and areas of application.

In order to avoid that the evolution of the system ends up in a dead end, decision makers must pay attention to the scalability of the solution.


In this white paper, the recognized digital asset management expert Ralph Windsor explains, which aspects have to be considered in terms of the scalability of a DAM system.

You will learn about scalability aspects that relate to:

  • Architecture and risk analysis
  • Taxonomy and metadata
  • Asset growth and findability
  • Asset search and storage
  • Authentication and security
  • Integration with other systems


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