WoodWing establishes Digital Publishing Production Services to support publishers and brands worldwide

Zaandam, The Netherlands, Sept. 9, 2014 — WoodWing Software, a thought leader in multi-channel and digital publishing, has launched a new business unit called WoodWing Digital Services. With the move, WoodWing aims to support publishers and brands across the globe with comprehensive consulting and offshoring production in the field of digital publishing. Services offered pivot around the efficient implementation of strategies to tap the revenue and savings potential offered via a combined approach in print, online, tablet and mobile publishing. The team will work closely with WoodWing´s Authorized Solution Partners worldwide, enabling them to complete projects faster and to scale their business.


John Fong, Managing Director of WoodWing Digital Services: “Our experienced consulting and outsourcing teams unburden our customers from all tasks involved in the 'tabletization' of their publications.”

Digital publishing on tablets, smartphones and, most recently, on “phablets” has become an indispensable discipline for publishers and brands worldwide. In December 2013, the cumulative number of publications distributed via the Adobe DPS to apps on mobile devices reached the 150 million mark. The trend is continuing – according to PwC, the revenue by global digital consumer magazine circulation will reach $ 5.7 billion in 2018. PwC also predicts global ad spending on digital magazines of $ 12.4 billion in 2018. The positive trend is supported by the ever-increasing sales of tablets and smartphones, and the upcoming big screen iPhone 6 will be an additional stimulus.

Implementation of digital publishing can be a challenge

Magazine and newspaper publishers as well as brands and agencies of any size often realize that the implementation of digital publishing processes initially requires special expertise and is time-consuming. The steps necessary include the conversion of print publications into interactive digital editions, the creation of the required templates for the various tablet and mobile devices including iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire, as well as the actual production of digital editions. In many cases, the establishment of internal resources is not an option, so offshoring seems the way to go.

These are precisely the challenges where WoodWing Digital Services comes into play,” said John Fong, Managing Director of WoodWing Digital Services. “Offering contingency to our customers, our experienced consulting and outsourcing teams unburden them from all tasks involved in the 'tabletization' of their publications, enabling them to quickly implement digital publishing processes and brand consistency across channels.

Fong joined WoodWing Digital Services from WoodWing´s partner Serious Technology, where he served as CEO for eight years. Serious Technology is a leading technology provider for the media and publishing industry in Southeast Asia and the winner of WoodWing´s Most Advanced Implementation Award 2014. Fong has extensive knowledge in newsroom editorial workflows, multi-channel publishing solutions and template design for both print and digital publications.

Our solutions and services have always been geared to help our customers achieve their goals for quality, economy and time-to-market,” said Roel-Jan Mouw, CEO of WoodWing Software. “Support for customers by offshoring development and production of digital publications is an important topic and an often-heard request from key customers. The consultancy part of WoodWing Digital Services is there to ensure contingency and constancy for customers and global accounts where we have business in many countries through different partners. WoodWing Digital Services can now be a layer in between global accounts’ CTO's and local branch offices, supporting full business scans to drive further efficiency, rollout of blueprints throughout the world and accelerate true multi-channel publishing.

Close cooperation with WoodWing´s Authorized Solution Partners

WoodWing Digital Services is already engaging with a number of global media brands through WoodWing´s Authorized Solution Partners. “Our decision is a key step in our efforts to support both our customers and our partners in the rapid implementation of digital publishing,” Mouw added. “This allows us to increase the impact of the entire WoodWing community in its endeavor to further push digital publishing in all its facets.

The team of WoodWing Digital Services also supports WoodWing partners in their projects by providing its know-how about integrating WoodWing´s multi-channel publishing and digital asset management solutions with innovative technologies such as Aspera® and a wide variety of other 3rd-party applications, including Web CMS, page planning, and more.

WoodWing Digital Services is located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

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