WoodWing announces availability of Cloud-based HTML5 tool Inception

Zaandam, The Netherlands, Sept. 16, 2015 — Several months of public beta testing has culminated in WoodWing’s release of its HTML5 authoring tool Inception. Starting today, the Cloud-based tool is available to customers around the globe. Inception’s article-based approach allows brands, publishers and agencies to create compelling and responsive device-independent HTML5 content for any channel, including the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution 2015, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News, as well as WebCMS and print.

The tool has been tested by hundreds of beta users, and a number of customers, including Qantas, TopGear and The National Theatre in London, are already using the tool in production. Customers can get up to speed quickly by working with WoodWing´s Digital Services Division to create Inception styles and templates. Inception is one of the services provided through WoodWing’s recently announced WoodWing Cloud, a central hub for content management and creation.



WoodWing Inception enables marketing departments, agencies and publishers to quickly and easily create stunning HTML5 content based on customizable templates in an article-based approach.


Brands and media must offer their audiences a captivating content experience on any device and over any channel without compromising efficiency. Customers that use WoodWing Inception can quickly and easily create stunning HTML5 content based on customizable templates in an article-based approach.

With Inception, users also can transform print elements created in InDesign into HTML-based responsive designs – also within a workflow based on WoodWing´s multichannel publishing system, Enterprise. This provides digital content producers with great flexibility and creative scope.

Brands and media face major challenges in terms of content production and management. We help our customers streamline their content management, creation and distribution, and to realize the full potential of their content,” said Roel-Jan Mouw, CEO of WoodWing Software. “For this reason, we set the engineering focus for Inception on ease of use and production efficiency in the creation of channel-neutral digital content. There is a clear need for easy, constant and beautiful HTML5 design. Inception design and content can match up with InDesign-based layouts, which is critical for users of the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution 2015 who combine HTML5 and InDesign-based design.

Annual subscriptions start at $97 a month, which includes unlimited storage and bandwidth. Inception is part of WoodWing Cloud the company launched in the United States, Europe and Australia, and later in September in Singapore to serve customers in central Asia. More regional instances will follow soon. Using agile software development, Woodwing can continuously add features that are automatically deployed to all Inception users.

Early users see business value from Inception

Early adopters have appreciated a number of benefits from publishing article-based HTML5 content in their apps for mobile devices. Qantas, TopGear and The National Theatre have used the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution 2015 and WoodWing Inception to combine pixel-perfect monthly magazines with dynamic content, thus increasing timeliness and reader engagement with their apps.

Until now, customers had no reason to engage with any edition of Qantas Magazine more than once. Our new Qantas Magazine app is updated throughout the month, providing readers with fresh, snackable content even when they’re not travelling,” said Jo Boundy, head of digital and entertainment at Qantas.

The introduction of the HTML5 workflow gives us the opportunity to increase customer engagement by allowing us to publish more frequently,” said Simon Carrington, publishing director at TopGear, a popular BBC television series about cars. Toby Coffey, head of digital development at The National Theatre in London, said: “People understand that the National Theatre brand is a sign of quality, so we push boundaries and are keen to innovate in the digital sector. The app is an exciting extension to our brand, giving people real reasons to come back again and again.”

WoodWing Digital Services helps to get up to speed quickly

WoodWing´s Digital Services Division is available to help customers transform InDesign layouts into Inception templates; develop HTML and CSS templates; create responsive designs; and develop scripts to automatically push content from CMS systems to Inception and Adobe Digital Publishing Solution 2015.

With our comprehensive portfolio of consultancy and production services, we help brands and media reduce time to market, increase flexibility, gain control over resource costs and adopt the latest technologies at a very early stage,” said John Fong, managing director of WoodWing Digital Services.