WoodWing announces availability of Elvis Cloud – key application and foundation of WoodWing Cloud

Zaandam, The Netherlands, Sept. 16, 2015 — WoodWing today announced the deployment of its digital asset manage­ment solution Elvis as part of the WoodWing Cloud, which was announced a few days ago. The Cloud-based version follows the core values of Elvis DAM, including ease of use, performance, scalability and expandability via APIs. The fully multitenant SaaS application is available in two editions, for content managers and content consumers. The unique service includes unlimited storage and bandwidth. The Elvis multitenant back end is at the core of the WoodWing Cloud, managing all content across multiple applications. WoodWing continues to offer the on-premises version of Elvis 5, which also enables customers to configure private cloud-based digital asset management environments.


Elvis DAM powers WoodWing Cloud

Elvis DAM for WoodWing Cloud is the backbone of this solution, allowing users to easily upload, manage and share their digital assets across multiple applications, and re-use them in applications inside and outside the WoodWing Cloud. It runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and data is stored on Amazon´s S3 storage platform, ensuring high availability and optimal performance. WoodWing operates WoodWing Cloud instances in Europe, North America, Australia and Singapore, with more to follow, so that customers can store their content in accordance with regional data protection and privacy regulations.

Elvis DAM for WoodWing Cloud provides a fully featured management console to easily manage users, groups and rule-based permissions, as well as metadata field permissions. The search engine is powered by Elasticsearch, ensuring maximum performance even for massive data sets. Up to 1 billion assets can be managed with no loss in efficiency, thanks to the architecture of Elvis DAM. As a cloud-based application, Elvis DAM does not impose upon users the need to deal with scaling issues such as storage space.

Digital asset management has evolved from a niche application into the basis of all content-driven business environments. It was logical to use Elvis as the core for developing a platform for working with digital content — the WoodWing Cloud,” said Roel-Jan Mouw, CEO of WoodWing Software. “We are delighted to be able to support brands and media with this offer to master their content challenges today and in the future through an easy-to-subscribe-to service with no need for hardware or CAPAX.

Utilizing various APIs, Elvis DAM for WoodWing Cloud simplifies the integration of digital assets with other cloud-based applications, including CRM, PIM and WCM. WoodWing´s Solution Partners are available to support customers in all aspects of integration and other tasks. The network includes more than 80 experienced system integrators in more than 100 countries.

Two editions to maximize ROI

Offering two tailored editions of Elvis DAM for WoodWing Cloud avoids a surplus of features at seats that cannot make use of them. With the Content Consumer version, users can search and download assets, as well as send share links to enable others to download files. The Content Manager edition adds features to import and edit assets, including their metadata; send share links for uploading assets; manage collections; check files in and out; and more.

The Content Consumer edition starts at $20 per month and the Content Manager edition starts at $97 per month. One Content Manager is mandatory for every subscription to operate the system.

WoodWing employs an agile software development approach to continuously extend the functionality of Elvis DAM for WoodWing Cloud. Upgrades and updates are deployed free to users as part of their subscription.

WoodWing Cloud: one-stop content solution for marketing and media

With its WoodWing Cloud, WoodWing offers brands, media and agencies a cloud-based, one-stop solution for creating, producing, archiving, sharing and analyzing digital content. The WoodWing Cloud hosts a variety of applications, including WoodWing´s HTML5 authoring tool Inception