Qantas debuts exciting new magazine app at Adobe’s DPS release event in New York

Zaandam, The Netherlands, July 30, 2015 — At a July 29 event in New York, Adobe celebrated the global release of its re-imagined Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS). During the event, WoodWing customer Medium Rare Content Agency from Australia showcased an exciting magazine app created for Qantas using WoodWing’s brand-new HTML 5 authoring tool Inception and DPS. Content created with Inception and published via DPS is displayed optimally on any device, including iOS, Android and Windows tablets and smartphones, without having to be redesigned for every device. Medium Rare collaborated on the app with Content&Workflow, one of WoodWing’s Solution Partners in Australia.


The new app of Qantas, created with WoodWing´s HTML5 authoring tool Inception and the new Adobe DPS, displays responsive content optimally on any screen size. Click to enlarge.

The all-new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and WoodWing Inception both set new standards in digital publishing. With the new article-based approach and the ability to update sections of the content after publication, the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution offers previously unimagined possibilities for content publication, analytics and monetization. WoodWing Inception is a one-stop solution for creating interactive, responsive HTML 5 content for all digital devices and channels. It also enables easy collaboration between internal and external content contributors. It also allows for the efficient repurposing of existing print and digital content.

Major challenge now solved

A major challenge for Medium Rare in creating the Qantas Magazine app was the prospect of redesigning the pages for multiple screens. Following the advice of Content&Workflow, the team used Inception to quickly create responsive digital content. Inception’s online editor can fill customizable HTML5 templates with text, images, slideshows and more. Using Inception, Medium Rare created a “Singapore City Guide” as an update to its first issue of the Qantas Magazine app. For future issues, all magazine pages will be created leveraging the Inception workflow.

With content in DPS now saved as individual articles and grouped in collections, we can use the home screen of the app to group content in different ways to meet editorial and marketing needs,” says Gerry Reynolds, managing director of Medium Rare. “For example, we can feature collections of articles on key destinations Qantas knows are a priority, as well as trends Medium Rare knows are popular, and also cater to advertising by allowing sponsored content on the home screen. This is something that was never possible before.”

Content updated throughout the month

Until now, the iPad edition of Qantas Magazine launched at the same time as the print edition, on the first of every month,” says Jo Boundy, head of digital and entertainment at Qantas. “This meant that customers had no reason to engage with the edition more than once. Our new Qantas Magazine app is updated throughout the month, providing readers with fresh, snackable content even when they’re not travelling. In addition to broadening our distribution and improving ongoing engagement, it lets us maximize our content and provide customers with engaging travel information and inspiration along every step of their journey.”

Medium Rare’s Reynolds was pleased with the results. The magazine reached 60,000 page views in the first 10 days after the app became available in the AppStore, and an article promoted on the homepage received 10,000 impressions, Reynolds says. “That has really strong commercial value. Never before were we able to direct so many users to individual pieces of content.”

Brands and publishers regain power

The new environment optimizes speed to market and users embrace new Web technologies and platforms, returning the power to push the boundaries back into the hands of brands and publishers,” says Owen Greenwell, director at Content&Workflow. “Adobe and WoodWing understand the importance of design and the publishing workflow. Inception leverages all of that knowledge and experience from print into apps and digital content.”

The new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution and our authoring tool Inception are the growth drivers many have been waiting for in the digital publishing arena,” says Roel-Jan Mouw, CEO of WoodWing Software. “With these new solutions, publishers and brands can explore a new dimension in digital publishing.”


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