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Seize the digital publishing opportunity

Digital publishing presents opportunities and challenges for publishers to increase their reach, engagement and revenue.



  • Developing new digital publishing products from scratch
  • Converting existing print publications into digital products
  • Building new direct-to-consumer business models
  • Syndicating digital content to third parties
  • Digitizing and monetizing your archive



  • How - and where - do you start?
  • Which new platforms do you invest in?
  • How can you launch and scale digital products fast?
  • What can you do to mitigate against the risk of failure?

If you’re ready to seize the digital publishing opportunity,
WoodWing Digital Publishing Solutions can help.

We’ve been supporting publishers - of all sizes - to transform their processes, business models and fortunes for over twenty years.


What can we do for you?


Develop digital products with confidence

Draw on digital publishing experts - trusted by the world’s most successful publishing brands.


Lower costs and time-to-market

Outperform other publishers thanks to faster processes, lower costs, better products and greater reach.


Create digital products from print publications

Convert your print magazines into premium digital products with our print-to-digital design expertise.


Delight customers on any device

Create responsive digital designs that look great on every device - for a multichannel experience.


Outsource and upskill

Work alongside our design experts to scale production quickly, whilst upskilling your own in-house team.


Get remote or on-site support

Get access to our digital product design experts on-site or fully remote.

Our digital publishing services

Print-to-digital product consultancy

Turn print publications into immersive digital reading experiences.

WoodWing Digital Publishing Services has more than 20 years of experience developing and designing print-to-digital products.

We are the production partner for Apple News+ and support 100s of brands to turn magazines and newspapers into engaging app content they can easily sell and syndicate.


Outsourced production and design

Our production teams work 24 hours a day, delivering high quality content around the clock.

Get your digital content to market fast by outsourcing to our experts - creating a stunning on-brand digital experience.

Extend the reach and revenue -generating potential of your products - without needing to increase your headcount in-house.

Digital product customization

Quickly add custom features and functionality to your digital products with our help.

Need to complete more complex customization or digital transformation projects?

Our in-house experts are ready to go - implementing new initiatives at pace, so you don’t have to wait.

Woodwing integration and inspiration

Expert support to build a bespoke software stack that powers new business models and strategy.

Whatever your aspirations or size of business, tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll get you there with WoodWing products and integrations.

Creative consultancy

Access unrivaled expertise on digital product development - from process and workflow, to design and delivery.

Whatever you want to know about the processes, practices, technology and techniques of successful e-publishing, our time-served experts can guide you.

Ad hoc design services

Power through design bottlenecks with ad hoc design support when you need it.

Add flexibility and extra capacity to your design team fast.

And enjoy peace of mind that your designs are in expert hands - trusted by major brands like Apple, Hearst and Bauer.

Why choose WoodWing Digital Publishing Services?

WoodWing is an Apple News+ partner, trusted to create close to 1,000 issues a year for more than 100 titles. We can help you optimize your content workflows and develop winning digital products that make your content more sale-able and scalable than ever.

  • Apple News+ preferred design and production partner for digital publishing products
  • Over 20 years of expertise in print-to-digital publishing product development
  • The obvious choice for implementing, leveraging and optimizing WoodWing publishing software solutions
  • Scale your business and lower costs by outsourcing to our cost-effective specialist team
  • Extend the reach and impact of your brand fast - without overstretching your in-house talent
  • Reduce your time to market with round-the-clock outsourced production services


We’ve seen a lot of efficiency in our workflow processes the way subs work and the way designers work with templates.

James Hawkes

James Hawkes

General Manager Operations

Bauer Media Group Australia

Digital publishing advice from the experts


Develop your DTC publishing offer

Over the last few years, several traditional publishers - like The New York Times - have announced that revenue from digital subscriptions is now their highest source of income.

Instead of creating print content for printed publications - and supplementing it with free online content funded by ads - these publishers are consolidating their content into a direct-to-consumer product, available on multiple platforms behind registration or a paywall.

WoodWing can help you seize the DTC publishing opportunity through creative consultancy and outsourced design services.

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Use archive content to kickstart your app

One of the hurdles to launching a new digital product is having enough content. To create an attractive offer to subscribers, you need a bulk of content to capture their attention and keep it. Whether that’s on your own app or a third-party like Apple News +

Extracting archive content and formatting it for digital platforms will help accelerate user adoption and give your digital product the greatest chance of success. It also gives your old content a second life and increases the ROI on your original investment.

You can outsource this process to WoodWing Digital services as a one-off project or part of a wider partnership.

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Seize opportunities with
channel-neutral content

As new channels and platforms emerge, opportunities abound for content syndication. But not all publishers are poised to take advantage. If your content has been created with a specific channel in mind, it will take time, effort and investment to make it suitable for other channels.

However, if you’ve used the channel-neutral approach - where content is created and coded to be suitable for publication to ANY channel - your content is good to go.

This means you can be much more agile and take a test-and-learn approach to new channels - with minimal upfront investment.

Publishers around the world use WoodWing Studio for channel-neutral content creation. And WoodWing Digital Publishing Services can help you implement and optimize it for your business.

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