Production Outsourcing

WoodWing Digital Services

Production Outsourcing

Scale up quickly with maximum flexibility


Outsource production

Produce more editions, create new products or enter new channels? We can help.


Lower your costs

Gain a competitive advantage by outsourcing your production.


Get extra resources

Do more, quickly, with our ready-to-deploy resources.


Tabletize a print product

Turn your print publication into a tablet-optimized, interactive digital edition.

Time to market

Are you looking to outsource production of your digital magazine? Maybe you have an ad-hoc project that requires additional resources? Could you use a hand migrating your content to our systems?

Outsourcing your creative processes to WoodWing Digital Services is the quick way to lower your costs and scale your business. Whether it involves print or digital, we have the expertise you demand.



Development of smart templates helps to speed up production for various channels and platforms.

Why choose WoodWing Digital Services?

  • Lower your costs by outsourcing to our specialist team in Malaysia
  • Easily scale your business by leveraging our resources
  • Strengthen your team with our creative and technical experts and knowledge
  • Gain a clear competitive advantage and a shorter time to market

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WoodWing Digital Services has wide experience in outsourcing editorial production. So there’s every chance we can help you.

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