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A new approach:

Content Orchestration

WoodWing offers a Content Orchestration solution that sits at the heart of your storytelling processes. It enables brands and publishers to take a content-first approach - overcoming challenges around improving speed to market, workflow efficiency, and publishing to different channels.





The future of publishing: automated, atomic and channel-agnostic

This in-depth ebook describes essential actions you can take now, to secure a successful future in content publishing. It draws on in-depth conversations with WoodWing customers, partners and executives, who have generously shared their advice and insights on four future trends. Get it and find out more.


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WoodWing Studio

Digital Asset Management

WoodWing Assets is a scalable, flexible solution to help you manage files across your organization.

WoodWing Studio

Workflow and publishing

WoodWing Studio helps you accelerate and streamline your storytelling workflow.


Digital Services

WoodWing Digital Services can help you to move faster and scale your business by outsourcing editorial layout, creative processes, and IT projects to us.

"With its multi-channel publishing and digital management applications, WoodWing has revolutionized Yaffa.

The greatest change has been streamlining the workflow and reducing production time from seven weeks to three, resulting in more time to sell."

- Matthew Gunn, Production Director at Yaffa Media -


Introducing headless DAM: at-scale asset management for marketers, publishers and ecommerce

Wherever customers expect engaging media-rich experiences, headless DAM should be an integral part of the software stack. This guide explores the features and benefits of headless DAM for business sectors that process high volumes of digital assets, such as e-commerce, marketing and publishing.​


Faster go-to-market for CPG manufacturers with Content Orchestration

It’s not just products that move fast in the CPG sector. Your marketing does too. If you’re overstretched by the explosion of content you create and manage, we can help. Packed with actionable advice and insights from WoodWing clients Fratelli Carli, Coca-Cola European Partners, and Bavaria, this guide explains what content orchestration can do for CPG marketers.


The power of image optimization in branding and storytelling

In this on-demand webinar with Derek Milne, Sales & Marketing Manager at Elpical, we are discussing the importance of having an image workflow in place, and the impact it can have on your business. It is highly recommended for anyone involved in the content creation and image editing processes in publishing, retail, or agencies.