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For smooth integration with your current technologies

Elvis Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows you to integrate with other software solutions to help you get the most out of your digital asset library – and make working with it, a whole lot easier.


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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence powered auto-tagging helps enrich your images with metadata tags. Via the integration of Elvis DAM with Clarifai you can batch-tag existing (and backlogged) archives or select asset collections for tagging within categories (specialized models) like food, celebrity, landmarks and more.

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Google Vision

Artificial Intelligence powered auto-tagging that helps enrich your images with metadata tags. From label detection, landmark detection, character recognition and more - you can easily tag broad sets of objects in your images when integrated with Elvis DAM.

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Similar: Clarifai and Amazon Rekognition integrations


Amazon Rekognition

Artificial Intelligence powered auto-tagging helps enrich images with metadata tags. Search, verify, and organize millions of images via the Amazon Rekognition integration. Detect objects, scenes, and faces in images and compare faces, recognize celebrities, and identify inappropriate content.

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Content Management Systems


Adobe Creative Cloud

The power of InDesign and Photoshop is now combined with easy to use file management in Elvis DAM. Simply open InDesign and Photoshop layouts straight from the Elvis DAM web client, and drag ‘n drop images into your layout space. All edits made to your layout, and to your images, are automatically saved as versions in Elvis DAM. And you don’t have to save files locally to edit them.



With the Elvis DAM plugin for WordPress your Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution will appear as a media-browser in the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor of Wordpress. Search and browse for digital assets in the DAM from Wordpress, and place them straight into your article or web page.


Enfocus Switch

When combining the Integrated Enfocus Switch with Elvis DAM, you’re creating a flexible automation platform that’s easy to configure. Operations like image edits, uploads/downloads, routing files to other systems and more are now easily automatable.

Read more on the site of Enfocus






Elvis DAM integrated with WoodWing’s Enterprise delivers an end-to-end solution for channel-neutral content creation. Easily access all your images during the creation process and drag ‘n drop them in your editor. Elvis DAM also automatically archives all produced layouts, text and images for easier re-use of content.

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Elvis DAM integrated with EasyCatalog helps you produce catalogs faster by having all your product images and descriptions stored in one place. EasyCatalog manages your catalog templates and then automatically generates the catalog pages with your images and descriptions placed in the right spot.

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The integration of Elvis DAM with OpenCalais allows for automatic tagging of your text-based documents saved in Word, Incopy or PDF format. Added to that, the entity and topic metadata creates a greater search experience by making your documents more focused and contextual.

Read more on the site of Thomson Reuters - powered by Calais



Enterprise Content Buying Platform


The integration of Elvis DAM with 2imagine makes the process of creating local-market materials – that always meet global brand standards – seamless. When editing marketing content in 2imagine, simply browse for the right logos and images to use in your designs, and eliminate using the wrong ones in only a few clicks.

Read more on the site of 2Imagine



Enterprise Content Buying platform can be integrated with Elvis DAM. Smint.io offers an Enterprise Content Buying platform for marketers, art buyers and editors to easily search, find, and purchase images, videos, and other content types from all major content sources like Getty Images, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock and others based on your own contracts – while being seamlessly integrated with Elvis DAM.

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