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  • TMB Publishing on Enterprise to publish to Drupal websites The B2B magazine publisher TMB Publishing has chosen WoodWing's multi-channel publishing system Enterprise to distribute its content in print and online.  11-February-2015

  • New version of Enterprise 9.5 Enterprise 9.5 has simplified reusing online content in print, enabling users to tailor their stories to channel specific requirements. It also offers significant performance improvements, enhanced support of remote contributors, and also compatibility with latest operating and third-party systems. 05-February-2015

  • WoodWing CEO speaks at Digital Publishing Innovation Summit On December 10-11, WoodWing CEO Roel-Jan Mouw will give a keynote presentation titled, "Digital Publishing Drumbeat, the Complementary Nature of Digital Publishing," at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in San Francisco.  27-November-2014


  • What operational strategies do many CMOs pursue to maximize competitive advantages? Michael Jay Moon | 18-March-2015 Marshaling available resources  Strategy constitutes a mechanism for directing available resources to achieve maximum competitive advantage.  Most chief marketing officers (CMOs) know that this mechanism comprises systems, processes, and accountabilities for directing the resources of a complex marketing operation. The figure below depicts key dimensions of strategy, emphasizing how CMOs formulate strategy for an integrated system where each element interacts and affects all other elements of the system.

  • How can a marketing manager save $32,760 per year on stock image acquisition? Michael Jay Moon | 18-March-2015 Integration with stock image repository enable immediate acquisition of approved products and eliminates redundant expenses  An enterprise DAM supports the integration with external stock images. This can include on-demand purchases of curated, pre-approved collections held at external stock image vendors. The table below depicts the activity-based data and estimated cost savings from automating this single activity.  

  • Our travel blog: Japan (some DAM thoughts...) John Fong | 04-March-2015 While attending the largest print event in Japan recently, I got reminded again how far have we come since Johannes Gutenberg invented the first mechanical printing in 1450. Since then, we saw continuous innovation and the technology available today could cater to both mass production and personalized on-demand for any print materials.