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  • Scott Smith joins WoodWing as SVP North America Scott will continue to drive business in the United States and Canada, offering solutions for content creation and digital asset management to marketing and publishing companies. 24-August-2015

  • WoodWing support for new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution Adobe celebrated the global release of the re-imagined DPS at an event in New York City on July 29. WoodWing’s recently introduced HTML5 authoring tool, Inception, as well as its multi-channel publishing system, Enterprise, support the new DPS. 30-July-2015

  • National Theatre in London launches revolutionary new app The app has been built using DPS and Inception, and will contain an exciting array of magazine-style content augmented with frequently updated news, videos, photography, editorial and other content. 30-July-2015


  • How can DAM slash cycle times and content production costs for e-commerce? Michael Jay Moon | 04-June-2015 Case for Product Information Management (PIM) and DAM integration   In my upcoming webinar on PIM-DAM integration, I will address the weakest link in the e-commerce marketing: the time it takes to synchronize multichannel marketing resources at all the points in purchase in domestic and international market segments.   The figure below depicts four critical dimensions of cycle time. The ecommerce and B2B marketing organization that I have interviewed report struggling with Time to Synchronize. Synchronization pivots on collaboration, usually across multiple teams working in multiple geographies and time zones. In my webinar, we will examine how the demands of content marketing and omnichannel sales now require a new level of content and process integration.

  • What is the singular idea behind digital asset management for marketing? Michael Jay Moon | 26-May-2015 Essential question answered in the webinar series: Content Eureka: Bringing Digital Assets into Strategic Business Systems. My team first coined the term “digital asset management” in 1996. We wanted a term that conveyed the idea that certain types of digital files had tangible economic value. Over the ensuing years, we develop return-on-investment and activity-based payback models that proved our premise: the reuse of properly designed digital files will save a lot of money and time. Moreover, the systematic reuse can cut days or weeks from the launch of new products or campaigns. In turn, these cycle time reductions can pull a corresponding number of commercial, revenue-producing days from next year or quarter into the current one. Yes, that’s right: An immediate and measurable revenue increase. All from the systematic reuse of preexisting media components, templates, and other digital assets. Fast forward to today. The folks at WoodWing Software asked me to prepare two white papers and a webinar series about using digital asset management. They also asked me help non-technical marketing executives understand an often “geeky” or technical term: digital asset management. So, here it goes.

  • Building and managing scalable DAM solutions – part 2: Major scalability pressure points in asset handling Ralph Windsor | 29-April-2015 The second part of this series will give a brief introduction to the major pressure points likely be to encountered when scaling digital asset management solutions. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should prompt some ideas and consideration of areas that might not have been fully examined previously. You can also download the full series as a free white paper here.