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  • WoodWing Software integrates Elvis DAM with TruEdit and vjoon K4 Elvis DAM, can now be integrated with either MEI’s cloud-based workflow solution TruEdit™ or the cross-media publishing platform vjoon K4®. 31-March-2015

  • TMB Publishing on Enterprise to publish to Drupal websites The B2B magazine publisher TMB Publishing has chosen WoodWing's multi-channel publishing system Enterprise to distribute its content in print and online.  11-February-2015

  • New version of Enterprise 9.5 Enterprise 9.5 has simplified reusing online content in print, enabling users to tailor their stories to channel specific requirements. It also offers significant performance improvements, enhanced support of remote contributors, and also compatibility with latest operating and third-party systems. 05-February-2015


  • Building and managing scalable DAM solutions - part 1: Scalable architecture and risk analysis Ralph Windsor | 21-April-2015 Digital Asset Management strategies are never set in stone. High scalability and flexibility are crucial, enabling users to adapt the system for future requirements. In a series of three blog posts, the DAM expert Ralph Windsor explains, what needs to be considered when it comes to implement a sustainable DAM system. You can also download the full series as a free white paper here.   

  • Q&A: How to Maximize your Creative Assets Stefan Horst | 16-April-2015   Recently, we offered a joint webinar with entitled ‘5 Top Tips to Maximize your Creative Assets in the Digital Age’. The high interest and the multitude of questions showed the high demand for information about effective efficient digital asset management.   Because of the many requests, we have compiled the answers to the questions we received during and after the webinar. We also offer a recording of the webinar.

  • A new customer portfolio management firm that will replace traditional marketing agencies Michael Jay Moon | 31-March-2015 High Cost of Mastery Mastery of the customer engagement cycle requires significant, ongoing investment capital for new systems, talent, and digital assets (creative content, reusable media components, and libraries of software objects).  Mastery of the customer engagement cycle involves the process integration of multichannel analytics, creative services, content engineering, and inbound marketing.