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  • TMB Publishing on Enterprise to publish to Drupal websites The B2B magazine publisher TMB Publishing has chosen WoodWing's multi-channel publishing system Enterprise to distribute its content in print and online.  11-February-2015

  • New version of Enterprise 9.5 Enterprise 9.5 has simplified reusing online content in print, enabling users to tailor their stories to channel specific requirements. It also offers significant performance improvements, enhanced support of remote contributors, and also compatibility with latest operating and third-party systems. 05-February-2015

  • WoodWing CEO speaks at Digital Publishing Innovation Summit On December 10-11, WoodWing CEO Roel-Jan Mouw will give a keynote presentation titled, "Digital Publishing Drumbeat, the Complementary Nature of Digital Publishing," at the Digital Publishing Innovation Summit in San Francisco.  27-November-2014


  • Yaffa and WoodWing – a long momentous relationship Andrew Lomas | 18-February-2015   Yaffa Publishing leverages both WoodWing´s multi-channel publishing system Enterprise and WoodWing´s digital asset management solution Elvis DAM to maximize the efficiency of the production of its 35+ magazines, 16 apps and 25 web sites. A few days ago a video case study was released on YouTube.    Yaffa Publishing, the largest and oldest privately owned publisher in Australia, initially deployed WoodWing´s publishing system Enterprise version 5 in 2009. The implementation was carried out by WoodWing´s Partner Creative Folks (today ‘the Folks’ are WoodWing Diamond Partner in Asia Pacific).  

  • New Elvis DAM InDesign plugin and improved creative workflow Gerard vd Akker | 22-January-2015 Storing your files in our digital asset management solution Elvis DAM for easy retrieval is one, but it gets really interesting by the time you pull them out again for reuse or further updating. The process of ‘taking’ the image from Elvis DAM is called ‘checking out’. It’s an indication to other users of the system that the file is in use and cannot be edited at that time by anyone else. Putting it back in and releasing the lock obviously is called ‘check in’. With the latest Elvis DAM releases (4.5, 4.6 and also Elvis 5.0), a number of great improvements have been made in exactly this area. Instead of just checking out the file, you can now immediately open it with the default application, as specified by your Operation System. Plus, a brand new blow-your-socks-away Adobe InDesign plugin takes the check out/in process to the next level. All this helps to go far beyond the current Adobe Drive integration, plus the new features also deliver file transfers that are up to 5 times faster and are super stable when compared to the previous solution.   This is how the new Adobe InDesign plugin for Elvis appears, just log in and it's working for you...  

  • 8 Easy tips for repurposing your marketing content Gerard vd Akker | 13-January-2015 In today’s digital information age where regular output of quality content is demanded, it can be challenging for marketers and their respective organizations to keep up while also keeping related costs down. Yet, organizations and companies must maintain a strong brand awareness to support one’s market share and to grow business. That is why content repurposing is so important. Content repurposing is not simply updating information for the same purpose, channel or audience. Repurposing content is literally transforming the content into different formats for a target audience, with different levels of attentiveness to the various types of media channels. So, here are 8 easy tips to help you fine-tune your content marketing strategy to increase the efficiency of your marketing processes and enhance your outreach.