Smart Catalog for Adobe InDesign and InCopy

Dear visitor,


May 1st, 2012 - Over the years, the Smart Catalog plugin for InDesign has been WoodWing's solution for data-driven publications, such as catalogs. Taking the current market and product developments into consideration, WoodWing has decided NOT to port Smart Catalog to Adobe CS6, but to look for an alternative solution that will fit our customers. We decided to partner with 65bit, the company behind the product ‘EasyCatalog’ which we think is an excellent replacement. EasyCatalog will be available for Adobe CS6 (and is also available for previous versions of CS).

This decision implies that we will stop selling Smart Catalog per direct and that WoodWing will cease support for Smart Catalog Dec. 31, 2013. Until that date we will fully support Smart Catalog.

Existing users can continue to use Smart Catalog after that date for as long as they see fit, however without WoodWing support. Note though that 65bit and WoodWing also have an attractive migration offer for existing customers to switch from Smart Catalog to EasyCatalog. Visit our Smart Catalog Forum on the Community site for more information.

We’re very thankful to those users who have been supporting us over the years by using Smart Catalog, and we trust that by offering EasyCatalog as alternative solution your product requirements will be more than satisfied.

The WoodWing Team.


Visit the website of 65bit for more information about EasyCatalog.