Imagine one application that helps you manage the entire publication process centrally - from the inception of a story idea, through the phases of content gathering, creation, editing and reviewing. An application that also allows you to manage all content and select the right moment and channels to publish your story to, reaching your audience most effectively.

Imagine one app where you can keep an eye on your staff's productivity and the publication's progress, feeling comfortable about meeting your deadlines.

Welcome to Content Station!


Content is still king

Think of a Dossier in Content Station as the overall container for background information, images, hyperlinks, video, articles... in fact, everything that is related to a specific story.

To build your story, simply drag and drop relevant material into the Dossier. You'll never have to search for it again, and all team members can work together to produce great content.

Write for all Channels

Execute your content strategy

With all basic material collected in a Dossier, it's easy to create your story for multiple channels. Writing for the Web; posting on Facebook; sending a tweet; creating a print or tablet layout. For each channel, we offer a tailored user interface that shows only those items relevant for the task at hand. Best of all, all content is nicely kept together in the Dossier!

Stop repeating yourself

Are you still copying and pasting content between print and web articles? Or cloning texts from the Web on your Facebook page? Content Station helps you eliminate this type of duplication work. Define your article components (such as Teaser, Intro, Body, ...) for your stories once and automatically reuse these components across multiple channels where applicable. Alternatively, start with an automatic copy and optimize your content for each channel.

Be in the driving seat

And check your dashboard

Content Station provides management with real-time insight in key metrics.

  • To which channels did we publish this
    story and when?
  • Which articles are keeping us from finalizing
    a layout; how many pages are ready?
  • How productive is my staff?

Other Benefits

To mention a few

  • Only one user interface to become familiar with - for all your tasks and staff.
  • Work from anywhere using either the desktop or Web version.
  • Direct access to content from other systems, such as DAM, PIM or wire feeds.