Efficiently create, produce and publish content, reaching your audience via any channel

For Publishers, Brands and Agencies

Are you struggling to reach your audience at the right moment and via the most effective channels? Or do you have a challenge in creating compelling content to satisfy your readers, using your current staff and budget? Whether you’re a publisher, corporate marketing department or agency, we will take your multi-channel publishing activities to the next level.

Hearst’s reason for selecting WoodWing Enterprise is a strategic move to align our brands for the emerging mobile markets while still supporting our print editions.

A highly available, future-proof publishing system for newspaper and magazine production is the stable basis for succesful multi-channel and multi-platform production.

The new WoodWing Enterprise system represents a major investment in the future of The Japan Times – a future of new media opportunities in addition to print and Web.

WoodWing is a scalable, comprehensive, end-to-end digital publishing solution to manage all print and digital workflows and enable publishing to multiple channels.

Multi-channel publishing is not rocket science

While everybody else was only talking about it, WoodWing was building the tools to make multi-channel publishing a breeze. We allow you to focus on the story and put your content strategy into effect. 

New content can easily be repurposed for additional channels, and archived content can quickly be monetized a second time. And we're ready to accommodate any channel that might come along in the future, as well.