Smart Mover -
Automate your workflow

In any organization, resources can be saved by automating repetitive tasks. Smart Mover connects to WoodWing Enterprise and Elvis DAM, and offers a graphical user interface for quickly setting up automated and scheduled tasks.

Options available include turning incoming e-mails into editable stories, importing and converting wire text and images, automatically creating issues and purging old files. But publishing content to websites can also be automated, as well as working with RSS feeds, Twitter and more. The possibilities are endless.

Novice or Expert -
Everyone can use it

Smart Mover's interface is designed to be easy and intuitive for the novice user. Each process features a graphical user interface so that you can set scheduling and actions with your mouse.

If you have experience with scripting, Smart Mover offers even greater options for automation. XSL transformations, running command line options, and sending instructions to an InDesign server are just a few of the possibilities that Smart Mover offers.

At your service - On Macintosh, Windows and Linux

Smart Mover has a Manager component and a Services component. The Services component runs silently in the background, performing the tasks you have created. Using the Smart Mover Manager application from your desktop you can configure its operations.

The Smart Mover Services application supports all major modern platforms: Macintosh, Windows, and Linux, giving you the greatest flexibility for deployment. The Manager operates on both Windows and Mac. 

The ultimate Task force

Smart Mover is made up of Tasks that are organized into Processes. With every release these Tasks feature new additions.  

Some examples of what tasks can do:

  • Move, copy, transform (XSL), (un)zip, purge or rename files
  • Embed XMP information, extract metadata
  • Move content in and out of Enterprise, Elvis DAM or ftp folders
  • Publish to Facebook, Twitter, websites
  • and much more...

"To be more cost-efficient, we integrated Enterprise with both our own and third-party systems. Through content station, we now make full use of multi-channel publishing."

The greatest change has been streamlining the workflow and reducing production times from seven weeks to three.

We've seen a lot of benefits in using Enterprise with a lot of efficiency in our workflow processes.

If you want to win the market, you need to produce quickly while maintaining good quality. Enterprise and Elvis DAM allow us to do both.

Hearst’s reason for selecting WoodWing Enterprise is a strategic move to align our brands for the emerging mobile markets while still supporting our print editions.

WoodWing is a scalable, comprehensive, end-to-end digital publishing solution to manage all print and digital workflows and enable publishing to multiple channels.

The new WoodWing Enterprise system represents a major investment in the future of The Japan Times – a future of new media opportunities in addition to print and Web.

A highly available, future-proof publishing system for newspaper and magazine production is the stable basis for succesful multi-channel and multi-platform production.

We used to spend two or three days to just make one revision, because of external service providers. With Enterprise, we were able to streamline our workflow making it more flexible and efficient.

With Enterprise, we have the flexibility to handle all our productions in an efficient and transparent manner. This way, we can offer our readers the most compelling content via all channels.

The convergence of media required the modernization of our newsrooms. To cope with this challenge, we trust the continued innovation capacity of Woodwing.

Enterprise is perfect when working with tight deadlines, as it automates large parts of the production and enables easy creation of high-quality pages.