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How do you create your content? Depending on who you ask and where they want to publish to, you will always receive a different response. Some are creating content with their print publications in mind and then wish to reuse a similar story on their website, while others are fully focused on developing amazing stories for their digital channels (website, app or social) only. 

These different publication needs mean every organization has a different way of working. And regardless of your organizational setup, where your team members are located or what you produce (be it brochures, eCommerce stories, magazines, website or app content), with WoodWing Studio (previously called Enterprise Aurora) there is always a way to achieve your ultimate content creation efficiency.

Over the past few months we have provided examples of various ways WoodWing Studio can be used to produce content. Some of the basic examples we shared included:

  • Channel-neutral content creation
  • Print-first
  • Print-only
  • Digital-only

But, as WoodWing Studio was developed to be flexible and support an endless amount of workflow possibilities, this is just the beginning.

Media customers are now implementing WoodWing Studio to bring their print and digital teams together by working in one system, and easily sharing their content or stories among teams and brands. While our corporate customers are using it to speed up their brochure and marketing content creation among global teams. Whichever way you work, Aurora can be adapted to ensure your content is created in the most efficient way.

Click below to take a look at some of the typical workflow examples using WoodWing Studio (Enterprise Aurora).

Extreme efficiency for your content creation


Workflow examples using WoodWing Studio

Leonie May, Product Marketing Manager - Enterprise

Leonie develops and implements go-to-market strategies for WoodWing products. Combining product and industry knowledge, she works between customers and the development team to ensure customer needs are met. When she is not at work you’ll find her running around Amsterdam.