Content Station 10 now integrated with Google Chrome


Using WoodWing Enterprise, your layouts, articles and images are safely and securely stored in your private cloud or on an on-premise server instead of in the private email boxes of your users. This allows your team to have direct access to all latest materials and files. 

With Content Station 10, you can easily access those files from your web browser. But browser platforms are not known for seamless integration with native applications so you often need to download and upload files manually. 


To overcome these limitations we are now introducing the Content Station Desktop App which serves as a bridge between Google Chrome and your native applications. Working with files now becomes as easy as opening them from your local file system – you can just double click on a file to edit it and new versions are automatically uploaded. 

In the first version of the Content Station Desktop App for Google Chrome you are able to directly open InDesign layouts in Adobe InDesign. When you finished your work, Smart Connection – the interface between InDesign and Enterprise – will directly save your layout in WoodWing Enterprise. Next versions of the app will add the option to open for example Microsoft office documents or edit images in Adobe Photoshop. 

For more information about installing the Content Station Desktop App visit our Help Center.

Tom Pijsel, Senior Product Manager

Tom loves to solve complex software challenges. Working together with the WoodWing Studio and Assets product teams, he creates solutions that support publishers, agencies and marketers in their daily work. Tom loves to spend time outdoors with his family. And when he needs to clear his head to make room for new ideas, he’ll put on his running shoes.