Four reasons DAM should be the cornerstone of your agency's CX strategy


In a competitive agency landscape, having a customer satisfaction strategy can greatly increase your chances of success. 

  • Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the end of 2020 (Frost and Sullivan) 
  • 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue (Oracle)
  • Customer satisfaction can create up to a 16% price premium on products and services (PwC Future of CX report) 

With agency executives under pressure internally to reduce costs and create efficiencies – and externally to deliver faster, better experiences – Digital Asset Management is essential.

DAM can help agencies create a virtuous circle of efficiency, customer satisfaction and cost savings that can elevate your brand to the next level.


The importance of customer experience

It might not be as exciting as bagging a brand-new client, but delighting and retaining existing clients is the fastest and most cost-effective way to develop your business.

Customer satisfaction builds brand loyalty, generates recommendations and reduces customer churn. This maximizes clients’ lifetime value, reduces your overall customer acquisition costs and creates authentic advocacy for your brand.

Not only that, but when you work with a client long term you build strong brand knowledge, which can elevate your design outputs and significantly speed up delivery. 

It is no wonder customer experience is the top priority for business over the next five years. 

Recent research with 1,920 professionals identified customer experience (45.9%), product (33.6%) and pricing (20.5%) as the key areas they want to improve by 2025 (SuperOffice).

Fortunately, for savvy agency execs, an effective DAM system can deliver on all three.

Here’s how agencies can unlock their potential by using DAM as the cornerstone of their customer satisfaction strategy.


1. Make space for creativity

As an agency, creativity is at your core. We know it is your imagination and innovation that’s going to win and wow clients, not software.

But agencies often tell us that creativity and chaos go hand-in-hand. Artistic inspiration doesn’t work to a schedule, and sometimes clients don’t stick to them either. Changing deadlines, scope creep and unexpected stakeholders might be outside your control. But your agency systems aren’t.  

By improving your control over internal factors like asset management, you free up time for what really matters: creativity.

Less time wasted on unproductive processes means more time to do the stuff that software can’t: innovating, storytelling and connecting with customers. 

That’s what’s going to win you work, convert clients into an army of advocates, and boost your bottom line.  




2. Deliver faster, fresher content

Modern audiences are demanding. They expect innovative campaigns, across their channels of choice, responding in real-time to the wider world. Businesses need to communicate on brand and at speed across a multitude of media. 

All of which means agencies are under pressure to shorten time-to-market and deliver with increased agility, without ever compromising on quality. 

In this environment, effective digital asset management isn’t just a nice-to-have. Every minute counts and delayed delivery represents a significant risk to agencies and their clients. Imagine missing the chance to go viral because of entirely avoidable asset issues. 

A DAM system delivers considerable operational efficiencies that translate to greater agility and ability to deliver. For example:

  • Providing immediate access to images, video, and layouts - eradicating hours wasted on tracking down essential assets.
  • Automatically resizing and repurposing of assets for different channels.
  • Online version control, collaboration and sign off.

And, in the case of WoodWing Assets, integrating seamlessly with Adobe Creative Suite and other software for a faster creative process.


3. Don’t stop at great design…

One of the best ways to achieve customer satisfaction is to exceed expectations. As a creative agency, your designs will already delight your clients. But why stop there? 

Your clients use you to solve their problems. And that doesn’t just mean the need for excellent design. It means meeting deadlines and making their lives easier. 

Implementing a DAM system shows that you understand their pain points and are committed to combatting them together. 

Seamless systems and perfected processes are a great way to add value to clients and position your agency as their preferred partner in the future. 




4. Offer peace of mind

Whether intentional or accidental, the misuse of assets is a real risk for businesses.

  • The charity with case studies of vulnerable clients 
  • The manufacturer with commercially sensitive files
  • The start-up with a cat they need to keep in the bag until launch

There are lots of reasons why clients will sleep more soundly if you’re using DAM.

From the embarrassment of using out-of-date imagery to more serious breaches of copyright, knowing their assets are under correct control is a huge benefit for businesses. 

Implementing a DAM system offers your clients enhanced security and peace of mind, by ensuring only the right people can access the right assets. 

And thanks to in-built security with WoodWing Assets, agencies can also be sure client files are protected against malicious attempts to access. 

These are just some of the reasons DAM should be the cornerstone of your customer satisfaction strategy. Ready to discover how WoodWing can help your agency win and wow customers?


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